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Jaguar XJR9 - Chevrolet Corvette Collections - UK Driving License Changes


One of the largest and most exciting collections of Chevrolet Corvette models has surfaced after twenty five years. The gentleman in possession of the collection is Peter Max an artist from the United States. He owns a total of thirty six Chevrolet Corvette models. The Corvette production was began in 1953 and Peter owns a model from each year up until 1989.


He originally purchased all of these models from a winner from a VH1 music competition which seen all of these models given as a prize. The idea behind the purchase for Peter was to use all of the vehicles as an art project in which he was going to experiment with painting. The project never began though. Peter has now brought the Corvette collection back to life. All of these models are expected to be dusted off and revealed in future auto shows around the world with potential to go back on sale in the future.


One of two classic Jaguar race cars remaining

Classic vehicles are very much the theme today as images have shown a classic Jaguar race car known as the XJR9. During 1988,1989 and 1990 there were very limited supplies of the car on the track but it did prove its dominance on track racing. This model is one of the last survivors of the range remaining in the world and has that classic race look we all know and love from the eighties sharing similar design structure from Nascar models in the US. The car is shown in the traditional White, Green and Red Castrol oil paint scheme and is to go up for auction. Next year will mark the twenty fifth anniversary since the very car won the 24 hour Daytona race and in March the car will face auction through a company called RM auctions. We are unsure how much the XJR9 will sell for but we do expect it to go for a pretty hefty price.


New changes to the UK driving license

Last week the news arrived that paper driving liscences will be scrapped from next year and photo card licenses will become the standard for drivers in the UK. That was not the end of the changes to licenses though as it has today been revealed that from next year the Union Jack flag will be displayed on UK driving licenses affecting England, Wales and Scotland.


The new change was announced this morning by the Government with a date of change not specified as of yet. The paper driving license will be scrapped from June the 8th 2015 so we would expect the changes to start coming into play from potentially around this time. This news comes just months after the DVLA announced the scrapping of the tax disc and it came into affect. It is clear that the Government have the automotive industry very much in their sights heading into the 2015 year.