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Old tax discs selling for thousands of pounds online

Websites where users sell items are lately becoming a headline in the automotive industry and this news comes in directly after the new tax disc scrappage scheme. Tax discs have been used on our vehicles now for the past ninety three years and now they are no longer need on our vehicles as police can now used number plate recognition cameras in order to check if your vehicle is taxed. The news coming from this though is that drivers no longer using their old tax discs have began putting them on sale via online auctioning websites and some have been put on sale for hundreds of pounds where as the highest selling online has been recorded to come in at £1,500.


What tax discs are going for the most?

It appears to be that either tax discs that currently still have time to run on them or recent tax discs tend to be selling for the highest prices online. Tax discs that have been issued between August and September of this year are some of the highest sellers online. The reason behind this is that during that time, the DVLA started issuing emergency unperforated discs to drivers and these tend to be the big sellers across various websites. On average, the starting bidding prices on some of these tax discs seem to be around the £40.00 area with one seller offering a buy it now price of £1,500. Already there have been 166 people watching the item on an online auction website with potential hopes of making a winning bid.


A tax disc in Blue at Shortfall


Some older tax discs have also been confirmed to be selling at larger costs online also but we see this as collectible items that will be unavailable anywhere in the future. One of the most popular ranges are tax discs with spelling errors or discs that have been used on a rare vehicle. Tax discs from other countries around the world also seem to be achieving success via these websites.


Used tax discs..collectibles or a waste of time?

This of course varies on your view. Sure the tax disc cannot be used now as it does not represent road tax on your vehicle from here on. On the other hand though these tax discs can be seen as collectibles especially in a number of years when the chances of a car,motorbike  or any other vehicle carrying them seem less likely. In the future they could be a rare purchase for a fan so should you buy a used tax disc and have your very own memento or are you more likely to keep on to your old one?.

A ripped tax disc at Shortfall

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