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American designers Jeep have revealed all on their brand new Renegade model which will go on sale here in Britain and across other countries globally from next year. A range of specifications and the pricing guide for the motor have been confirmed and it looks like the Renegade will come in next year packing a punch that could very well put it on the map amongst some top quality competition from the likes of the Yeti from Skoda.


Four trims have been confirmed for the taking with the new Renegade each boasting more additional pieces of kit than the previous trim. Both diesel and petrol engines have been confirmed to take their place in the car all coming fitted with turbo chargers. Both four wheel drive and front wheel drive platforms will also be offered to the customer at the time of purchase.


Looking down the line at the trim levels that are to be offered with the Renegade, we see that the entry level model comes to you in the form of the Sport offering highlights like an electric parking brake and cruise control which are completely standard across all models in the range. Further down the line looking into the top spec Trailhawk model we think that some of the biggest potential sellers here are a dual zone climate control system,a leather interior and heated front seating. A beginning price of £16,995 has been confirmed for the entry level SE Renegade whilst if you opt for something a little more high tech, you can get the range topping Trailhawk for £27,995. The first set of deliveries on the car will arrive from February 2015.


The BMW 3 Series receiving a facelift next Summer

Next Summer will mark the arrival of a facelifted 3 Series model from German firm BMW. The car has already begun testing on public roads as recent images of the car have revealed. The addition of a two litre four cylinder diesel engine will come thrown into the mix with the car. Inside of the car, we see that BMW are expected to include some new technology features with the model and the materials used in the car are also expected to be higher standards.


Some of the big features of the car however include revisions made to the exterior of the vehicle which include a revised front bumper and the headlights of the car have also received some adjustments. A price tag that will come along with the 3 Series facelift has yet to be confirmed by BMW but we do know the Summer time of next year is when we can expect the car to land here in Britain.


Land Rover receiving AR technology in showrooms

In a boost to make Land Rover one of the most up to date car firms in the country, it has been confirmed that every one of their showrooms located here in the United Kingdom will receive augmented reality headsets which will allow customers to walk around and have a look at the firms new models as if the car were there right in front of them. The new headsets have been delivered with the build up to the launch of the new Discovery Sport model on the way. Technology has certainly increased not just in cars but in showrooms also as we have seen Hyundai open up the worlds first digital dealership. Do you think that other companies should follow in the footsteps of Land Rover and Hyundai?