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The all new revamped BMW 3 series is spotted testing

The German brand BMW are all set to launch a brand new face lifted version of the 3 series model onto our roads next year. The vehicle has recently been seen undergoing public testing over in Germany and from what has been shown of the car so far, we certainly believe that it could have the potential to be one of the biggest sellers in the car industry for 2015.


The main big changes to be included with the car are the additions of a new engine range. The 3 series is definitely a key ingredient to the success of the BMW brand. The very first 3 series was introduced on a global scale back in 1975 and now thirty nine years later we are all set to celebrate forty years of success for the car with the addition of the sixth generation face lift. The current 3 series that is in production was brought into play in 2011 and has since proven to be a key purchase for many car drivers around the world. So what can you expect to receive that is different compare to that of the current model when the face lifted version is launched in 2015?


The key changes and upgrades to the BMW 3 series


As we stated earlier on, one of the main changes that has been made to the car regards the power side of things and what hides underneath the bonnet. So firstly we see that the German firm have included a new engine range which includes a turbo charged three cylinder petrol and diesel engine. 114 brake horse power has been confirmed to be delivered from the diesel engine where as the petrol engine will deliver on 134bhp with the entry level version. BMW have stated that a brand new more powerful 228 bhp petrol engine will go on sale with some of their vehicles but it is uncertain at this stage in time as to whether or not it will go on sale with the new 3 series next year.


Some all new changes also find their way to the look and design side of things for the car also. Some of these exterior changes include re shaped headlights and a brand new set of bumpers also. Many vehicles such as the Audi A4 and the Mercedes C class range have been compared to the 3 series in the past so will the new engine range and features for the model prove to maintain this competition into the future and potentially open the door to some new sources of competition?


How is the future looking for the new BMW 3 series?


The official unveiling of the car is expected to come next year with an on sale date also occurring through 2015. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet though to an exact date. Price ranges have also not been confirmed as of yet but expect to hear more on this situation throughout the course of 2015 if not before.


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