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The news is coming in from sources online that Lexus could be all set to introduce a brand new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle of their own onto the road by at least the year 2017. The news comes after the successful launch for the Toyota Mirai in Japan recently with the car going on sale later this year here in the United Kingdom. Lexus are now taking their hand in the production of these alternatively fuelled vehicles by incorporating the technology into their LS model. The LS has proven to be a key player in the family for Lexus as they have fitted the car with hybrid technology previously.


Speculation on the new LS is stating that the hydrogen version of the car would lead the range of LS into the future. It is believed that the car will receive the fitting of two hydrogen fuel tanks which will rest just under the front seating area with a travelling distance of around the 238 mile area expected to come into play.


Comfort and technology a priority for the new generation of BMW 7 Series

From the next Frankfurt motor show in Germany, we are expecting to see the arrival of the new generation of BMW 7 Series. Recently it has been coming to light that some of the main areas of focus for the company with the car this time has been in the technology being incorporated and the comfort aspect that the new 7 Series will deliver on. BMW have announced that the new 7 Series will receive a sky lounge panoramic glass sunroof and a lot of leather is also set to be incorporated inside of the vehicle too. Bodywork of the vehicle will also be redesigned and new equipment will also find a place in the next gen model.


The car will run on both an aluminium and carbon fibre platform therefore making the new 7 Series one of the most lightweight additions to the range to date. Laser light technology and wireless charging systems for your smart phone are just some of our favourite pieces of technology that the brand are including. With comfort coming into play, there will be four different options of sculptured seating. We expect to hear and see more on these latest advancements for the BMW 7 Series in Frankfurt.


940 vehicles burnt out in France on New Years Eve

Each year in France, vehicles have often been found to be burnt during the New Year holiday and 2014/2015 has been no different. It has been reported by outlets that 940 vehicles have been burnt out completely by residents in France and fraudsters looking to claim for insurance purposes. Statistics have however revealed that this figure is a twelve percent drop on the number of vehicles being burnt in France last year.


The French government have said that they believe around eighty percent of these fires on vehicles in the country are started by people looking to make fraudulent insurance claims. This news comes just weeks after the French government announced their plans of banning diesel engines from their country entirely in the next few years.