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Toyota announce new Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Toyota announce new Hydrogen Fuel Cell


Toyota have designed the new Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle that could make its public debut as early as the next Frankfurt Motor Show in a number of weeks. The Frankfurt Motor Show has already announced a number of exciting prospects such as the Range Rover Hybrid model.


However, the fact that a new Hydrogen powered vehicle will be on show will surely steal the majority of attention. The new Toyota concept will take on board all the comments and opinions given when the model was last on show in 2011 as the model takes a new view.


The Toyota model will be powered by a similar hybrid set up to that in the latest Prius model, with the engine being replaced by a Hydrogen Fuel Cell and the fuel tank being replaced by a high pressure hydrogen tank.


It has been rumoured that the price tag for the technological feat that is subsequently a hydrogen powered vehicle is to be in the region of £70,000. In the past, high value vehicles such as this one will have had a price tag due to the quality of build and the speed and power the vehicle could offer.


Toyota believe that the price of the vehicle is more than reasonable, but will however, look to offer a a more affordable model that will be of the Saloon type by 2015. Toyota along with a number of manufacturers such as Peugeot and Citroen have been looking at other options to alternative fuel.


Peugeot and Citroen have looked at the idea of alternative fuel for a while and have to put plans on hold during the current financial difficulty caused by the current economic climate within the European Car Market.


There has been a number of deals between manufacturers offering to help each other fund the research and development of an alternative fuel source as it is better for not only the wider economy but the future of mankind. As Toyota lead the way in the alternative fuel race many of the manufacturers look to be playing catch up.