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Infiniti take control, Volvo reveal the XC90 in hybrid form and is London to follow in Frances footsteps by banning diesels?

Infiniti are a subsidiary brand of Nissan. Their reputation over the years has certainly continued to increase day by day and they have proven that they can set themselves apart as a good all round car designer on a world wide scale. This week though the brand are asserting themselves in a slightly different form by taking more control over some of the dealerships located in areas such as Stockport,Birmingham and Glasgow amongst other areas. These dealerships run retail services which were ran by companies such as Rymco UK and Mana Premier Automobiles LTD but now Infiniti have stepped in and will operate all of these services themselves.


This could prove to be the future for many more of Infiniti's dealerships as they currently have plans to open up new showrooms across the UK in 2015. Francois Goupil de Bouille who is the vice president of Infiniti here in Europe made a comment about the brand taking more control and has been quoted as saying “This is a change that reflects Infiniti's commitment to establishing the brand and its products in the UK and in Europe overall. It is another building block of our business model”.


Is London to follow in the footsteps of France


The new developments coming from the country of France lately have been regarding the use of diesel vehicles in the country. A number of weeks ago, the French Government spoke of introducing new technology in the future which would measure how many diesel vehicles are in operation in the country and look to reduce the number in order to improve upon CO2 emissions in the country. The latest though has come from an announcement by the French Mayor who has said by the year 2020, the country are looking to now ban diesel vehicles altogether. This is some big news for the country as currently it is believed that around 80% of drivers in France are using diesel vehicles. The question now though is will other countries follow them in their plans?. A lot of talk has been happening lately regarding CO2 emission cuts in the city of London and London Mayor Boris Johnson has also addressed the idea of car free Sunday's in London. So could we see London follow suit from France in the future and would this be a good move for the country as a whole if it did?. Let us know your opinions on this story and do you think we should reduce diesel vehicles?.


Volvo announce that they are to offer the XC90 as a plug in hybrid


Next April brings to us what is expected to be one of the biggest selling cars on the road here in Britain of 2015 and it is of course the highly anticipated Volvo XC90. Its a big day for the vehicle today as the order books on the motor officially opened up today but in perhaps even bigger news now,the Swedish brand have confirmed that along side both petrol and diesel variants, the XC90 will also be offered as a plug in hybrid variant. This version of the car has been given the name of the 'twin engine' and is to run like a large petrol vehicle but with lowered CO2 emissions. Volvo have certainly broken ground with the XC90 already and the hybrid version only helps contribute to these results. Running on just the battery and electric power, the XC90 'twin engine' will make a 25 mile round journey before the engine kicks in. The official CO2 emissions of the car have also been confirmed and we see these come in at 55g/km. Two modes have been confirmed to come along with the car which will include 'save mode' which will allow power to be stored in the battery which can then be used later on and an all wheel drive mode will also be made available. The official purchase price of the XC90 hybrid has also been confirmed and we will see it come in at £59,955.