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Mercedes vs Nissan vs Mazda


Earlier on this afternoon we listed the top popular vehicles to keep an eye out for in 2015 some of which are on sale right now and some which go on sale later on this year. Now however we are focusing our attention on another new model not listed earlier today which is set to go on sale throughout the summer time of this year and it comes to us courtesy of the team over at Mazda.


The arrival of the brand new MX-5 is imminent and today we take a look into the vehicle, its specifications and some of the competition that we can expect it to face this year from both Mercedes and Nissan. All of the vehicles we have listed here today carry a good amount of power which they will all challenge each other against hence the name, the power struggle.


First up today is the newest model on the list going on sale this year, the Mazda MX-5 2015. Our first taste of the new sports car came from the Paris auto show in October and now twenty five years after the launch of the very first model, Mazda are looking to dominate the sports car market again. The company have included some neat specifications in order to help them do this and one of the big advantages the vehicle holds is the use of the brands SKYACTIV technology. A range of petrol engines are expected for the car consisting of 1.5 and two litre engines.


A manual six speed gearbox comes as standard but buyers can also opt in for an automatic setup. The car has been made both shorter and lower than previous MX 5 vehicles but it is wider therefore resulting in more interior space. A set of LED headlights and a bright Red paint help the car to stand out in terms of its looks and power too. Are these the perfect combinations that can help it to fend off Nissan and Mercedes rivals though?.


Nissan offering the new 370Z Nismo for 2015

In the past, previous MX-5 vehicles have had to face off competition from Nissan with their sporty and very powerful 370Z Nismo model. Just as Mazda would have liked to have the upper hand on the 2015 market, the Japanese brand announce that they are bringing out an updated Nismo model in the same year. With an ongoing battle that has been tense and fierce in the past, both companies are looking to do battle once more.


The new Nismo has received some new revisions and tweaks that affect the motor in more ways than one. Inside we see new pieces of technology come to light alongside the brand new additions of Recaro racing seats and an automatic transmission. LED lighting for the daytime, Red skirting and and the Nismo logo being now attached at the front end are just some visual changes you can see on the new model. A 3.7 litre, V6 engine however carries over from the current Nismo meaning that the power output is the same as before coming in at 350bhp. Certainly not a bad thing though as the current 370Z can certainly shift which is what will help the car to maintain a strong competitiveness with the MX-5.


The Mercedes E Class to arrive late

Visual images of a newly redesigned Mercedes Benz E Class model were spotted late last year which revealed the car in disguise. The model will go on sale from 2016 which means that it will arrive slightly late to the party as far as locking horns with its Mazda and Nissan counterparts is concerned. From what we can expect from the vehicle though, we do believe that the wait will indeed be worth it. Although the launch of the vehicle is still quite some time away, we do know that the 2016 model will feature the fitting of a large four litre, twin turbocharged V8 engine with power expected to hit out at somewhere around the 600 horse power area.


Although not confirmed yet, there is also potential for the company to offer the E Class in the form of a plug in hybrid vehicle from launch. Little more is known about the vehicle at this early stage apart from a redesigning structure expected to be delivered for the interior of the car. It will be exciting to see which vehicle out of this list comes out on top of the division though for powerful vehicles. Let us know your opinion on who you think the biggest threat for the top spot is from the list here today.