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The Mercedes S500 one of the best hybrid experiences on offer

German car brand Mercedes have recently launched their brand new addition into the hybrid vehicle market and it comes to us in the shape and form of the brand new S500 plus in hybrid. Electric/hybrid vehicles have certainly proven to be a big hit in the automotive industry not just here in the United Kingdom but all around the world.


What happens when you take such a perfect brand well known for designing great all round vehicles and the hybrid sector and combine the two?. One of the very best hybrid vehicles on the road right now is the easy answer to that question. If you're looking for some good all round power,fuel efficiency and comfort, then the S500 plug in hybrid could be the ideal car for you.


What to expect from the S500 plug in hybrid


So in terms of what the company have done to the vehicle to bring a whole new class to the hybrid sector of the industry, we see that the Mercedes brand have included the standard fitting of a 3.0 litre,Twin turbo V6 engine which taken into consideration with the use of the seven speed automatic transmission system and electric motor produces an overall power output of 436 bhp and delivers 650NM of Torque to the rear wheels.


The top speed of the car is limited to 155 miles per hour but this is helped to reach this target by the good going 5.2 seconds in which it takes the car to hit the 62 miles per hour zone from a standing start. It has been confirmed that a full charge on the battery of the car from a standard charge will take around three hours and will receive a range of 20 miles before needing a recharge.


The Mercedes company have definitely brought the fight to BMW's i8 model with the S500 Hybrid model but can it live up to the reputation when it comes to going up against other brands in the hybrid market such as Toyota and Audi.


How much is a brand new Mercedes S500 plug in hybrid?

We are delighted to make you aware of the good news that this brand new S500 hybrid can be bought and driven away from selected Mercedes dealerships right now. As for how much you can expect the car to set you back, expect to pay a purchase price of £87,965 for the new S500.

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