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New Nissan Juke Nismo - Jaguar XF Testing - Citroen DS4


Nissan have today put their brand new Juke/Nismo crossover model on sale and has been confirmed to come in at a cheaper cost to its number one rival the Golf GTI from Volkswagen. The price on the new Juke Crossover begin from £21,995 which we think is great value for money for the overall power and performance you will receive from Nissan's latest Crossover.


The traditional 1.6 litre DIG-T engine that has made the standard Juke a popular choice will carry over to the vehicle but power has been boosted which now means a 215 bhp deliverance. It's not just the power side of things that make an impact for the new Crossover model though as the company have also added a few new revisions to the look of the car and interior highlights. Revisions to the springs and dampers have been brought into play as some technical changes made, brakes have been vastly upgraded and a set of Recaro racing seats can now also be found. Order books on the Nismo/Juke Crossover are open as of today.


DS bringing a revised DS 4 Puretech to the table in 2015

Production of the Citroen DS4 began four years ago and now four years later DS have split away from Citroen into their own unique car brand. To make an impact on their own, the firm have been announcing a range of new revisions to some of their popular selling cars with the Cabrio D Sport being the first. The brand have also announced that from February, a revised version of the DS4 will also be up for grabs and will go on sale here in Europe. The company have brought forward plans to change some design structure on the car much in the same way that they have done with the Cabrio D Sport. A new engine will also find a place into next years car. A new 1.2, three cylinder turbo engine unit has now been included with the DS 4 revision and will replace the older 1.6 Vti.


There are different spec levels that the company will offer the vehicle with but we think for the best value for money, the Mid spec line up would definitely offer you with a great experience. DS have announced that the Mid spec trim levels receive some great features such as a set of 18 inch alloy wheels,leather seating and dual zone air conditioning. The car will make its way to showrooms from February next year and an expected cost somewhere around the £20,000 area is expected to be announced.


The Jaguar XF for 2015 has been seen testing

First images of a heavily disguised Jaguar XF for 2015 have been posted online and show the vehicle undergoing some testing on the road. Handling has received vast improvements compared to the previous addition and lightweight materials have also been used during the design process showing an aluminium platform. The XF is hoped to be a big seller for the British brand as the company are looking to at least double their current sales figures to around 160,000 models next year. Therefore, we know that Jaguar will be focused right now on having the car enter final testing phases and go on sale. The very first official glimpse of the car will come from New York next April ahead of the car being made available from Jaguar showrooms around the Autumn time of next year.