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The All New Volkswagen Golf 2013

Thursday 21st February 2013 10:37:23

Volkswagen Golf ....


It has been 36 years since the first Volkswagen Golf was launched and the German firm haven't looked back since. The Golf model is considered to be the VW base brands most valuable asset in terms of what it has achieved for the company over the years. The Golf has sold over 29 million models including other variants such as the Golf Gti amongst others.   It has been not long since the release of the mark 7 and yet it has stormed the sales chart around the world and has been named the top selling car in Europe, despite recent slumps in sales in Europe and in Southern Europe especially.  


The Volkswagen Golf has been on top of the market since its first release and this time round is no different for the German model. The new Golf will be testing the firms new gizmo’s and technology as it looks to see whether the technology is a hit or not with the motorists and the firm will then decide whether or not to implicate the technology on new and coming models.  


Volkswagen have proudly announced the unveiling of the new stop start technology on the new model as the system incorporates a stop/start and battery regeneration segment. As the economy weakens in Europe the emission levels amongst other factors begin to take centre stage as the population looks at ways to cut costs and save money.  


The Volkswagen Golf will come with a standard 1.2 litre petrol engine


In terms of the fuel economy of the vehicle, the Volkswagen will come with the standard 1.2 litre petrol engine which will return a 57.6 mpg on the combined cycle and the optional 1.4 litre along with the Active Cylinder Technology will achieve up to 58.9 mpg. The new Volkswagen Golf will continue to be marvelled and has been likened to the smart phones and digital cameras of the generation having been likened to them in a review on technology and features.

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