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Mercedes C Class Updates - Nissan Stop Taxi Production - Qoros SUV


The C Class is one of the biggest selling Mercedes Benz vehicles of all time. It has a great reputation for being both family friendly and comfortable. Power has also been a key focal point for the car over the years. Today we have some exciting news for you if you are interested in finally taking that leap and purchasing either a new C Class estate or saloon model.


The company well known for vehicle tuning,Brabus have partnered up with the company in order to bring an even more powerful C Class model to the table which will also see some great improvements to the overall handling of the car. New Brabus body designs and updated features for the inside of the car will also be included. Power updates range from 20bhp to 40bhp varying on which version of the car you own. New tweaks to the suspension are also up for grabs meaning an even more comfortable experience than you have benefited from in a C Class in the past.


Nissan halt production on their new London Taxi range

Earlier on this year it was announced by Nissan that they were working hard on developing a a brand new taxi range for the streets of London which would eventually go on to replace the traditional Hackney cab. Now though the production of these cars has been put to a halt with no clear indication if the vehicles will even go on sale at all in the future.


The reason behind the stopping of the production on these models is due to the new low emission zones that are expected to be brought into the city of London. Nissan's new taxi cab range would not meet the standards for this ruling and the platform that the car runs on can not be changed or altered in order to meet the requirements that may be put in place. These zero emissions zones would have to be ruled out completely in order to have the new taxi range go on sale in the future. If they are brought into play though,sadly we expect to be saying goodbye to Nissan's new taxi before we have even said hello.


A brand new SUV from Chinese brand Qoros

A car company in China named Qoros have announced their plans to bring a range of brand new models to the streets of Britain in the future. The name is not very recognisable here in the UK but the mass manufacturer are hoping to make that change in the near future. They are looking to make an impact first and foremost in the SUV division by announcing that, they could bring their new 3 city model to our roads.


The car will go up for sale on Chinese markets from next month, just in time for Christmas and it is expected that we could see the car over here from as early as 2016. In terms of size and width, the vehicle could jump straight into the deep end by squaring of with the Nissan Qashqai. A powerful turbocharged engine and developments on in car technology can also be found in the 3.