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Renault in the electric car market


In regards to the future of our new and used car industry we have seen many steps into the future of the industry over the past couple of years without a doubt however, we believe that as good as the technology that comes fully fitted into our vehicles is, electronic cars themselves could very well be the future for the car trade around the world.


Many brands have released EV models over the past few years such as BMW with the i3 amongst many more but, the French car company known as Renault have a model of their own too which was launched a number of months ago and comes your way in the shape and form of the Zoe Zen.


What is so special about Renault's contribution to EV models?


What is it that makes this Renault EV stand out and why should you choose to make the investment into this EV car over others currently available such as the Leaf from Nissan and some Hybrid models from Toyota? Well, firstly we see the recently developed synchronous electric motor which is powered by a 22kwh lithium battery that will produce overall 87 units of brake horsepower. This EV motor will hit top speeds overall of 84 miles per hour and the sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour will occur in 13.5 seconds.


On a full charge the car is said to reach around 130 miles on a round trip before needing a charge. The model is a four wheel drive and also comes fully fitted with a single speed transmission system.


What are some of the more key features of the car though and, what pieces of equipment can you expect to be thrown in as part of the package ?. Well we are pleased to have learnt that the latest Renault Zoe Zen comes complete with the likes of 16 inch alloy wheels, a built in sat-nav system and a climate control setting also comes fully fitted to the vehicle too.


How much will the Renault Zoe Zen set you back?

We have good news all round here as, the model is officially available for purchase right now located at Renault showrooms all over the country and, you can expect to make the investment into a brand new Renault Zoe Zen at a cost of £15,195.