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BMW new technology plans

BMW have announced plans to create better technology for their vehicles. The company plan to create next generation drive train technology and to partner with Toyota to create a new line of engines, which could very well prove to benefit both ends of the car industry such as the high end BMW are currently in which include some models from brands such as Bentley and Porsche, but also some parts of the lower end with models from the likes of Fiat and Mini.


BMW and Toyota's partnership


Toyota is best known for it's commitment to hybrid cars such as the Aruis, Prius and the Yaris, though it will soon be sharing this technology with BMW in a deal to use “a whole family of transverse diesel engines” on various different platforms.


The first model to emerge from this partnership is the Toyota Verso 1.6 D-4D, that uses the same 109 brake horse power engine as the MINI Cooper S to help cut it's CO2 emissions without affecting performance. On the launch of the new Verso, Vice President for European R&D, Gerald Killmann confirmed that Toyota was already developing other models in the range to use this engine.


When asked how extensive the deal was, Killmann commented that “several platforms” have already been agreed, opening up the possibility of more BMW-powered cars and a possible 2.0 litre diesel being on the agenda. These engines are set to gradually replace the current models in the range and will help boost sales in Europe where buyers are still skeptical about the benefits of petrol hybrids.


New BMW drive train technology


Technology is always advancing, with autonomous vehicles, 'connected cars' and electric vehicle technology being the latest advances manufacturers are focusing on. BMW however are working on creating a next generation version of their drive train. The drive train technology being developed by BMW is called 'Predictive Drive Train Technology' and will be capable of improving your driving without you even noticing. The company's engineers are busy developing the software which will have gear-changes ready before you think you'll need them.


The system uses the current sensor arrays and radar hardware, found in Adaptive Cruise Control systems, to carefully monitor the traffic around you and should the situation dictate, will prime the car's automatic transmission with a lower gear to improve response. Normally in an occasion where a driver decides to overtake, a quick prod of the throttle pedal causes the gearbox to change down, creating a pause before it's safe to perform the overtaking maneuver.


Using the new BMW system, the nose-mounted radar detects the slower car ahead, the system predicts the potential overtake and as soon as the indicator is touched to signal out the transmission seamlessly engages a lower gear to enable a smooth move. When merging with traffic the software will automatically boost acceleration by down-shifting if it's sensors detect a vehicle in the car's blind spot. This means the driver can manage to move in front and avoid any potential accident.


This technology would also benefit drivers by reducing fuel consumption, though it is not yet known whether the drive train can be added to existing vehicles as part of a software upgrade. At the moment, the engineers at the company say that testing will continue for up to a year before the technology is rolled out to customers. This means that this new technology from BMW should hopefully become available next year.BMW new technology plan