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Toyota reveal the all new Aygo model from Geneva

In some news today to make its way out of the Geneva motor show and to be more specific the Japanese brand that also own car firm Lexus, we are pleased to report on the news of the all new Aygo model from Toyota which has recently been revealed to the general public and media alike at last weeks Geneva motor show and could very well go on to be one of the best selling vehicles of its generation if the car has the amount of success overall that the brand owners are hoping for.


This latest addition to the Toyota range is the second generation of Aygo and judging by the success that it's older brother had in both the new and used car industry we believe that, this new model could very well be even more successful not just for Toyota but, for the car industry as a whole.


What makes the all new Toyota Aygo special?

So with this in mind, it would take something truly special to go into this brand new Aygo model to even match the success of the first edition let alone out sell it. So what exactly is it that has gone into this model during its time on the production line and, why will this model stand out against some stiff competition from rival brands such as the likes of Ford and Citroen?


Well firstly, we see the car come complete with a 1.0 litre, three cylinder petrol engine that will come fully fitted with either a five speed,manual gearbox or, the option of Toyota's X shift manual system will also be on offer to the customer too. The vehicle is reported to make the sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a time of around 14.2 seconds. It has also been confirmed that at the time of launch two special editions will also be on offer to the customer too which come with different paint jobs and more features to be announced soon. It is also reported that, you can expect the welcome addition of much improved interior space with this model compares to the original also.


In regards to some of the key standout features of the car itself and what we believe could potentially help Toyota hit sales targets with the car, we see these come in the shape and form of LED running lights,a USB input system,a hill start assist system and to finish the vehicle off nicely, we also see the welcome additions of 15 inch alloy wheels and a multi functioning steering wheel.


When can you expect to see the Toyota Aygo go on sale?

Although an exact launch date is still yet to be confirmed directly by the mass manufacturer, we do know that the all new second generation of Aygo will be available for purchase from your closest Toyota dealership in July of this year. Nothing has been announced directly concerning a price tag that is also set to come along with the model but we do believe that the price range for an all new Toyota Aygo will begin somewhere around the £9,000 area.