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We are today to take an in depth look into some of the biggest car stories to come out of the automotive industry which are making the headlines today. We have a total of four companies represented in today's post including some new future launches and recently revealed cars. The manufactures represented here today are Audi,BMW,Renault and Porsche. All four of these brands have future models in 2015 all set to launch with some of the specifications of the cars being revealed recently. So starting us off today is German firm Audi.


The Audi Q7 2015

We first seen the Audi Q7 turn heads from 2005 when production was begun and sales started in 2006. There has only been one generation of the vehicle on sale to date but has received some face lifts and other additions over the past eight years. Next year though brings us the arrival of a brand new Audi Q7 for 2015 which has been officially revealed ahead of its launch with a complete list of specifications. The car has been sighted in the past undergoing testing with a lot of specifications rumoured and speculated but now we have confirmation on some of these rumours. The car will be revealed to the public in all of its glory next month in Detroit and will then follow with an on sale date in Summer of 2015. More lightweight materials have been included this time around with 41 percent of the materials used being aluminium. There has been a lot of talk regarding the engine range for a while now and Audi have confirmed that a three litre TDI producing 268bhp is the chosen engine for the car. The Q7 will run on a four wheel drive platform and an eight speed,automatic transmission will come with the Q7 completely standard. If this news wasn't exciting enough for you though, the brand have also announced the big news that a plug in hybrid version of the car paired with a diesel engine will become available towards the end of 2015. Expect to see the entry level Q7 with a cost of around the £45,000 region.


Orders open on both the Renault Trafic and Master Passenger

The Trafic and Master Passenger are both minibuses which have been designed by Renault for the 2015 year. This week the firm have opened up the order books on both vehicles for customers in the United Kingdom. One of the big differences between the two models are the number of seats that come with them. Nine seats are offered with the Trafic model where as if you prefer the Master Passenger model you do have the options of either six,nine or a seventeen seater. Different variations of a 1.6 litre Dci engine come across the board for both Master Passenger and Trafic vehicles with power starting from 89bhp going upwards to 138bhp. The first two entry models receive a single turbocharged engine but if you opt for the more higher spec models, the engine units are featured with a set of twin turbochargers. Regarding how much you can expect to pay out for the vans, the Trafic has been confirmed to open up with a purchase price of £20,145. If you opt for the Master Passenger mini van, you can expect a figure of £22,100 to come in as the entry level cost.


The Porsche 918 Spyder sells out

Porsche have announced that their new 918 Spyder model has officially sold out. This is no doubt going to be a likely attention drawer for Porsche as it is one of the hypercars that the company offer in a petrol, hybrid variant. In a much similar manner to the cars name, the 918 Spyder has been produced in just 918 units and the head of research and development over at the firm Wolfgang Hatz has stated that a waiting list has been opened for the car incase current buyers of the vehicle decide to change their mind on the decision. The big majority of sales on the car were made in the United States with 297 buyers making the purchase. The cost that came along with the car came in at £650,000 but please try not to be too disappointed if you have missed out on the car as Wolfgang explained that a successor to the car will also arrive. No news regarding when or as to what that car may be has been announced but Wolfgang Hatz has made the announcement, “Will we build a successor to the 918?Yes. Not immediately but not in twenty years time either. When you build such a car you learn so much and this business moves so fast that there are always new challenges to meet”.


The new BMW X1 for 2015

BMW have a vast range of models just waiting to be launched onto our roads over the duration of the upcoming year. One of these vehicles comes your way in the form of the new X1 which is the next addition into the firms popular SUV range. The car will be revealed to the general public for the first time in June 2015 after which the vehicle is set to go on sale soon after. So far only images of the vehicle out and about testing have been revealed under some heavy camouflage but we do now know that the X1 will be offered in both front wheel and four wheel drive variations. The new X1 is expected to be a big time rival going up against the Audi Q3 and the Mercedes Benz GLA 45 and the addition of a turbocharged engine which is expected could help to give the new X1 the upper hand. Just last week the firm announced that in the future they would offer every vehicle range with a hybrid variant and the X1 is no different as later after the cars launch, BMW have confirmed that a petrol/hybrid version of the car will go on sale.


A new BMW 5 Series is spotted testing

We see BMW return in our list once more today with the recent images that have been leaked showing a brand new 5 Series model under disguise testing ahead of a launch which is expected to happen in two years time. There are a lot of changes being brought into play with the new 5 Series as the main features to be highlighted include brand new engines and revamped designs. The first thing noticeable from the images are the addition of a newly shaped grille. Another feature is a wider wheelbase which we believe will lead to more interior space than the previous model. The 5 Series will be offered as three separate variants which include Saloon,Touring and GT models. Both petrol and diesel engine units will also come along with the car with the popular choices expected to be both two and three litre units. The engines are also expected to come fitted with turbochargers in order to help boost performance. One of the biggest features expected to come along with the new model though are some new steps in technology advancement. The company are currently working on 48 volt electrical system which will see the braking of the car being fully automatic without the need for the driver to do anything with the brakes. A full set of LED headlights,an anti collision system and an infra red,night time warning system are just some of the special attractions that the new 5 Series will benefit from.


The new Audi RS3 Sportback

We have another returning company in our list for you today as Audi have revealed their brand new RS3 Sportback model which will go on sale from next year after an expected unveiling to the general public for the first time ever from the Geneva motor show next year. Audi have also revealed the overall performance rates of the car and some specifics as to just what the car will be able to do. A total of 362 brake horse power has been confirmed to come along with the new addition with the leap in which it takes the car to reach the 62 miles per hour area being achieved in just 4.3 seconds. Audi have also stated that an overall top speed of 174 miles per hour will find place in the new RS3 Sportback. The model will run on the Quattro all wheel drive platform that Audi have become popular for over the past number of years and the standard seven speed,S tronic transmission system also finds a place. This version of the car has been lowered by 25mm compared to the current RS3 and torque vectoring now allows the car to achieve a better grip on the road. A sports suspension system and carbon ceramic brakes are two of the technical features that have received attention. Looking at some new exterior components of the car now and we see 19 inch alloy wheels and revised bumpers stand out nicely. Looking inside of the car we see that two options of seats are on offer with the standard being leather sports seats and an optional extra of carbon shell seats also making an impact. The door sills, steering wheel and gearstick can also be found with RS badging.