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 It is no secret that this years Paris motor show is just under one week away and we will see some of the best and brightest new machines displayed here which could very well have the potential to be the future of the automotive industry as we know it. Speaking of the future of the car industry, in just one month later in November is the official LA motor show held from California and already the Audi brand are looking to steal the show with the concept idea they have been working on and it comes under the spotlight in the name of the Audi A9. Sketched images have been revealed online which show the design the A9 model may very well take and along side this came the news of some features that will come along with the car and which could very well make it one of the most anticipated and brightest vehicles that Audi has ever produced.


What have the Audi brand confirmed about the new A9 concept idea?

The images that have been released of the car show that it will be a long executive style vehicle which would benefit from a lot of interior space both in terms of leg and head room and will benefit from creases along the side of the car which would help when it comes down to aero dynamics and agility. Spoked alloy wheels and an emphasis on the lights in the picture could suggest the additions of the laser light technology that we have seen before in the Audi R8 LMX model and in the BMW i8. A wide front grille and two air vents located at either end of the front of the car are also clearly visible from the sketch. What about what goes in the A9 to power it though and what we cannot see from the image?.


Well Audi have stated that the engine range they have in mind for the car will be the use of a 3.0 litre,V6 unit and a brand new revised version of the companies 4.0 litre,twin turbo V7 engine are also confirmed for the concept idea. The vehicle is expected to come in both a front wheel drive variation and an all wheel drive setup. Around 600 units of brake horse power are also believed to be produced from the twin turbo unit.


Audi will also keep the car very much up to date by introducing two new hybrid versions of the concept car also and these are expected to be publicly debuted in January of next year at the Detroit motor show. Both petrol and diesel electric set-ups will be used across both models. Both aluminium and carbon fibre materials have also been confirmed to have a key role to play in the body structure of the new A9 concept which will help to deliver on a more lightweight driving experience.


From when is the A9 concept expected to arrive?

It is uncertain at this moment in time to a purchase price to come along with the A9 model but it has been confirmed that the concept idea will be displayed to the public and press alike from this years Los Angeles motor show in November. An expected year of sale is potentially aiming at 2017 also.