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Honda has certainly made their presence felt at the Paris motor show this year and they have delivered as far as their Civic model is concerned. In the same day not only Honda have delivered on the brand new changes made to the Civic for 2014 but they have also revealed their brand new Civic Type R concept machine from the show too. The vehicle is looking nicer and more sportier than ever.


A big thanks goes to the new paint scheme that comes along with the car which shows of a brand metallic Blue paint scheme. The vehicle also receives some brand new Red inserts on the vehicle which take pride of place on the Honda badge located on the front grille,two stripes across the bonnet,inserts across the wheel rims and along the side of both left and right sides of the car. Not only has the car design be shown in Paris but specifications have also been revealed in which come along with it.


The brand new special features of the Civic Type R


This brand new front wheel drive concept machine from Honda has been seen on a number of occasions testing around the Nurburgring in Germany trying to break the speed record for the quickest front wheel drive model. With such high expectations for breaking the record, a good strong engine would certainly be needed and that is exactly what the Civic Type R delivers on. We see that this all new Type R variant of the Civic has officially received the fitting of a 2.0 –VTEC engine which also comes turbocharged.


A standard six speed manual transmission has also been fitted to the car much in the same way as every other addition to the Civic line up. A brand new suspension system finds its place in the Type R as does the all new R+ driving mode. This new driving mode enables the car to respond much more rapidly in conjunction with the engine with much more weighted steering. The dampers on the car have also been altered which allow the car to react efficiently to the type of surface you are driving on in order to maintain the smoothest possible driving experience.


Undoubtedly the best Civic addition yet has been brought into play with the hopes of going up against the best that other manufacturers have to offer such as the Leon Cupra from Spanish firm Seat and the GTI power orientated version of the Golf.


When will the new Civic Type R go on sale?

It has been confirmed that this brand new addition to the Civic line up will officially arrive on our streets from early on into 2015. As far as a price tag is concerned, you can expect to be the proud owner of a brand new Civic Type R in 2015 for a cost of somewhere around £30,000.