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The Vauxhall brand have officially declared that a brand new SUV model will officially join their long range of vehicles on the road from the year 2020. A number of weeks ago the company stated that both the Meriva and Zafira models are to become new SUV variants and we believe that the addition of another SUV will run along side both of these re-innovated models. Vauxhall have officially confirmed that by the year 2020, they are to produce 27 products available on the road and a new range of a total of seventeen engines are to be a part of this transition. There is no word on a name that will be given to the vehicle or any other specific details to come along with this new addition at the moment but the car has been confirmed to be produced from one of the main Opel plants in Russelsheim where around 245 million euros will be invested in order to build the new vehicle range.


Nissan delay the development of the new London taxi vehicle

Some news dating back to a number of months ago was that the Nissan brand were in the midst of designing a range of brand new taxi vehicles for London which would go on to replace the typical Hackney in the city. Sadly today though we have learnt that the production process on these vehicles has been stopped for the moment. The reason that the vehicle has been postponed is due to the ultra low emission zones that are being brought into play across London which the Nissan models would not fall into the category of. Even more sad news here is that the car will not get the go ahead at all if the low emission zones are brought into place. The only hope for this range of new models going on sale would be if the low emission zone ruling was ruled out completely.


These new Nissan taxis would include the fitting of a 1.6 litre petrol engine paired up with a CVT transmission system but sadly the powertrain that the vehicle would run on can not be altered in order to meet the standards of these low emission zones.


Ford set to introduce six brand new vehicles next year alone

American auto maker Ford have established themselves as one of the most recognised manufacturers on a global scale and next year will certainly help contribute to this. It has been confirmed that in the year 2015 alone, Ford are set to introduce a total of six brand new models onto our roads. The new Focus and Focus ST will go on sale from the beginning of next year which will shortly be followed by the addition of the latest Mondeo. The company are also to make history by offering the Mustang for the first time ever in the United Kingdom. Both S-Max and C-Max will also be made available in their new forms from next year.