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American auto-maker Ford have recently revealed their brand new S Max addition which is all set to makes its way to our streets from next year. Alongside some new changes as far as the body design is looking, Ford also confirmed some brand new details regarding what other features will also find a place in next years brand new addition.


The S Max is a vehicle that has been on sale since 2006 and over the course of the last eight years the vehicle has been a popular choice on a global scale for customers looking for that ideal multi purpose vehicle. There has been just one generation of the car on offer over the years with a facelift being brought in for the car four years ago. This brand new addition of the car for 2015 will feature as a seven seater model and is boasting better fuel economy and a new engine range also.


What can you expect to find in the 2015 Ford S Max?

So in regards to some of the brand new changes that you can expect to find in this brand new S Max addition, Ford have officially confirmed a brand new engine range to come along with the vehicle aswell as some new parts and accessories. The previous S Max model carried standard run flat tyres on a set of 18 inch wheels amongst other key accessories such as an automatic transmission system and a tyre pressure monitoring system as some of the key selling points.


Now though the brand have confirmed that the model for 2015 will see additions such as blind spot monitoring and a lane keeping assistance system. Automatic braking is also another nice added feature included in the S Max. The platform used in this particular model will also mirror that of the brand new Mondeo from the company for this year which has been announced to carry a hybrid version also.


As far as the power and performance side of things go, Ford have not confirmed which engines will be made available with the car but it is highly expected that the company will include a range of two litre diesel engines with power expected to range between 118bhp and 177 brake horse power. Both a six speed manual and a dual clutch transmission system are also expected to be offered with these diesel engines. For the first time ever with the S Max, the brand are set to make the car a four wheel drive vehicle which will conjoin well with the addition of two brand new Ecoboost engines for the car. A 1.5 and a two litre range are expected.


When can you expect to see the new Ford S Max arrive in showrooms?

It has been confirmed that this new addition will arrive on our roads from the summer time of next year and it is believed that a purchase price in the £24,000 area will also come along with the vehicle from the time of launch.