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Last week was officially one of the auto industries biggest motor vehicle shows ever to be held. It was the week of the tradition that is the Paris motor show and we seen many manufacturers display some of their brand new vehicles set to be launched over the course of the next year. One of the companies that made an impact at this years show though was of course the Mercedes brand who have always been a key player in every car division around the world. Mercedes demonstrated some big vehicles this year and today here at Shortfall we have a round up of all of the must know news to come from the German company at this years big event.


The brand new Mercedes AMG GT model is revealed

One of the first vehicles to go display by the brand this year was the vehicle that will officially go on sale from the beginning of 2015 and it makes its way to us in the manner of the AMG GT model. The AMG GT is set to be one of the sportiest vehicles that Mercedes have on offer and is all set to be a top flight contender when it comes to challenging other big vehicles in the sports car industry such as the Porsche 911 and the Jaguar F Type. It has been confirmed by the company that the vehicle will be very power orientated and this is certainly demonstrated by the fitting of the turbocharged 4.0 V8 engine that comes with the car. Thanks to the use of a powerful V8, a power deliverance of 456bhp but your other option is the GTS model which develops 503 brake horse power. A seven speed,dual clutch transmission finds a place in the AMG GT and the GTS therefore this rear wheel drive variant will head on up to 62 miles per hour in a time of 3.8 seconds for the GTS range and just on four seconds for the AMG GT. The interior of the car is also very luxurious as you can expect from a Mercedes AMG addition. A brand new centre console is included with the GT and GTS. Heated seating,hazard lights and a brand new extendible spoiler also are fitted to the model.


Prices for the AMG GT and GTS variants have not yet been announced by the firm but it is however expected that the car will go on sale from a price area of somewhere around the £110,000 area for the GT and £120,000 for the GTS. The vehicle officially goes on sale from the beginning of 2015.


The AMG C63 from Mercedes

2015 is proving to be a year of new arrivals for the Mercedes firm first of we have just seen the AMG GT and GTS confirmed for 2015 and now we move onto the AMG C63 which is another vehicle addition displayed for the first time last week and this week has had even more information about it revealed. The car in question here is of course the AMG C63. The brand new vehicle will be offered on car markets world wide from early on into the 2015 year and could be one of the most must own vehicles of the year. You can order your brand new AMG C63 model right now with the first deliveries confirmed to be arriving throughout the Spring time of next year. It has been confirmed that both a saloon and estate variant of the car will go on sale from the time of launch. There will also be an s spec version of the car up for grabs which will be the range topper in the line up. Power for both the saloon and estate entries will come from a Bi turbo,four litre V8 unit. A 469 brake horse power output has been confirmed for both models running on the same engine and you can also expect to find 650NM of Torque deliverance too. It has been stated though that the top of the range S spec is where all of the power is generated. This is seen by the output of 503 brake horse power delivery of 700NM of Torque. A lot of standard equipment for the cars can be found right across the range which sees features such as a new infotainment system, 18 inch AMG alloy wheels, a sports steering wheel accompanied by sports seating and a locking rear differential. If you are looking for something a little more high spec though, there is always the option of the special edition 1 model. This comes with more pieces of added equipment than other models in the selection. The S spec is the range topping unit but the Edition 1 is the special edition variant of the line up. If you do opt to spend more money on this particular model, you can expect to find features such as upgraded 19 inch AMG alloys,an aluminium trim setup and new Red inserts on both the mirrors and the front grille too. The inside of the Edition 1 may very well be were the specialities exist though as Nappa leather is stitched into the seating arrangement, a carbon fibre centre console,a panoramic glass sunroof,a keyless start and a brand new sound system can also be found in the special Edition 1.


With a look into the price tags to come along with the range, we see the saloon model is available from £59,795. The estate comes in at £60,995 and the S at £66,545. The edition 1 model however will begin from £73,500 for the saloon variant moving up to £74,700 for the estate choice.


The facelifted version of the Mercedes B Class

All new changes have also been confirmed for the current generation Mercedes B Class model which include changes made to the outside,inside, technology range and of course the engine range to come along with the car. These brand new changes were put onto display in Paris on a stand with all new features confirmed for the arrival of the facelifted B Class. First of all we are going to take a look into some of the alterations made to the overall power and performance deliverances from the car. We see that the new engine range for the car now consists of a new B20O petrol model and an all electric drive variant. The petrol unit can be found in the shape of a 1.6 litre 154 brake horse power delivering unit which also produces 250NM of Torque and a total top speed of 136 miles per hour can also be achieved.



Your other option is mentioned B Class electric drive model which is the all electric car. Mercedes confirmed that from a full charge on the battery the B Class facelift will see a distance traveled of around 140 miles in total. A power output of 177 brake horse power sees a sprint from 0 to 62 mph achieved by the car in a total of 7.9 seconds. A six speed manual gearbox comes with the car as standard but it has also been confirmed that customers will have the optional extra of a seven speed automatic transmission system too. Unfortunately though it is not clear at to whether Mercedes will offer the car on the road here in the UK in the future. We expect to hear more on the matter closer to the time of launch. Features such as LED daytime running lights,a revised bumper at the front end of the car,larger air intakes and a revised bumper at the back also come as standard. A set of 12 ambient lighting options are also available inside the car, a new eight inch central screen and keyless go is an optional upgrade.


The brand new facelifted Mercedes B Class model is on sale right now from your local Mercedes showroom and comes in at a purchase price starting of at £22,575.The first set of deliveries for the car will also arrive in November of this year.



Have Mercedes stolen the show in Paris?

So how well have Mercedes represented themselves this year at the event and do they match up to the great displays that other manufacturers put on offer this year?. We certainly believe they did yes. Each time the Paris motor show is held Mercedes always do their best in order to the steal the show and this year has been no different as the brand matched up very well with other companies such as Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen amongst many more when it came to putting on a great show and representing the automotive industry for the present and future. All of the Mercedes vehicles listed above will all go on sale between now and the beginning of 2015 and will certainly have a key role to play in the vehicle industry throughout the course of the next year. The AMG GT, AMG C63 and the revised B Class will all have a key role to play in the future of the car industry as all three models are power orientated and benefit from some great comfort and technological features. Will other vehicle brands continue to follow the companies example and challenge Mercedes in the future. We do think that these models will hold a very strong place in the future of the brand.