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New Ford GT - Audi Pop Up Store - Nissan Leaf Mileage


The Ford GT is a super-car designed by the American auto maker which was produced between 2005 and 2006. It was launched in America and was one of the sportiest vehicles that the company has ever manufactured. We knew to expect some surprises from the big motoring exhibition in Detroit this week but nobody could of expected what was to arrive. Ford has today revealed a brand new GT model in the flesh in front of the public and media alike and have confirmed that it will arrive on the road in 2016.


The bigger news though is that the brand are to offer the vehicle on the European market which means that there is strong potential for us fans here in the United Kingdom to be driving one of these super cars sometime soon. Ford announced a V6 powered, twin turbocharged engine carrying 3.5 litres will be fitted to the car and it will do over the 590 brake horse power mark. The reason behind the revival has been revealed to be in celebration of fifty years of Ford GT racing cars making the first,second and third place positions in the Le Mans 24 hour race.


The vehicle will also return to the track in the Le Mans race this year. The company are yet to reveal any more information on the GT as of yet but the news that the car is making a return has certainly made an impact in America this afternoon.


Audi open a brand new store


Audi have opened up a brand new store displaying some of the latest in their dealership technology. The new shop named a 'pop up store' has now opened in Stratford London in the Westfield shopping centre. The store follows in the footsteps of Infiniti who did something similar with a store a number of months ago and Audi will change the vehicles they have on display at the store routinely.


At the moment there is an A3 e-tron plug in hybrid model being demonstrated and as far as the technology comes into play, they are using Oculus Rift Virtual reality headsets much similar to what video game companies have been working on lately in order allow the drivers to get behind the wheel of one of these vehicles and take it our for a spin.


This follows the idea from Jaguar-Land Rover who have issued VR headsets to all Land Rover dealerships in the United Kingdom which allows the customer to look around a vehicle without it even being in front of them. The new store will be open until the 8th of February for customers to have a look around and experience the next generation of vehicle purchasing and dealerships.


Nissan boast better mileage for the Leaf


Nissan have commented on the popularity of their electric Leaf model by stating that European owners of the car can travel longer distances than customers driving other forms of combustion engine. The Japanese manufacturer has said that Leaf owners statistically drive further by around fifty percent on a yearly basis compared to that of other fuelled vehicles. The figures have recently came in which show on a yearly basis the country of Spain drive the longest in their Nissan Leaf models with the United Kingdom coming in at third place with Germany driving the least.


There is no doubt about it that the Leaf is one of the most purchased electric vehicles on the market and one of the most popular. This is also backed up by sales figures which show that the Leaf has had over 150,000 sales around the world since its original launch.