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New Porsche Panamera sold out, sales of the Nissan Leaf improving and the Audi Q7 to use diesel plug in hybrid technology.

Porsche have put their brand new exclusive Panamera model on sale and we can now report that the success for the vehicle has been sky high as the luxurious vehicle sold out in just 48 hours. The very first look at this limited edition model came just last month from the Los Angeles auto show which is where the German firm announced that they are to produce just 100 units of the car. The vehicles went on sale for $310,000 which roughly translates to around £198,000 here in the UK. All models were purchased over the course of two days which certainly turned some heads inside of the Porsche company. With the success that the limited edition Panamera has achieved, it is believed that the company could be set to introduce more models in the same way for the future.


Audi's first diesel plug in hybrid

Next year will see the grand arrival of the brand new Audi Q7 onto our roads here in Britain and across other parts of the world too. The car is highly anticipated by fans all around the world and thanks to a report from an insider in the company, it looks now that the new Q7 will be the very first Audi model to offer a diesel plug in hybrid variant. Dr Hackenburg who is the head of research and development in Audi has confirmed that from early on next year diesel plug in hybrid technology would be offered by the brand and it now looks like the Q7 will be the first to offer this. No news has been officially confirmed by Audi themselves on which vehicles will receive this new technology, but we are now looking to the new Q7 to be the very first.


The Nissan Leaf climbing the ranks?

Nissan have confirmed that over the duration of the past number of months, the Nissan Leaf has turned a corner and is now selling more units around the world of the electric vehicle than they have done previously. The director of Nissan's electric vehicle range, Jean-Pierre Diernaz has admitted that at the time of launch, Leaf sales where running quite slow but now says that they are celebrating some record sales of the car. It has been stated that the reason due to low sales at the beginning was because of the lack of electric chargers located around the country which now seems to be improving gradually. 29,620 units of the Nissan Leaf are currently driving on roads in Europe and charging stations have been raised now to 351 areas in the United Kingdom alone.