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Today for the 9th of January we have the latest in this weeks vehicle new stories. Our post today consists of some brand new models being introduced for the 2015 year ranging from a vast number of different manufactures and the latest on reports for the future plans of some car brands too. There is a lot to talk about this week with the Consumer Electronics Show beginning at the start of the week and the Detroit Auto Show set to make its arrival next week. It is going to be an interesting year for the car world and here is just a little taster of some of the wonderful vehicles you can expect to find in the market over the course of the next year and even future models from 2016 onwards. The first in our line up today comes to us courtesy of a facelifted Kia model set to make an arrival this year.. the newly updated Picanto.


The refreshing features of a new Kia Picanto

It was yesterday that images of a brand new, freshly revised Kia Picanto model were leaked online and we have some of the latest information regarding the specifications of the car known about so far and what new changes you can expect to find as a part of this package.

Images were revealed of the new model which show it in a colour of Silver and will offer both changes in terms of the interior and exterior designs. Although the changes made to the bodywork of the car have been kept to a minimum, we see that a newly designed grille will now be included for the 2015 year as will a fresh design for both bumpers. All new alloy wheel designs can also be seen from the pictures revealed. Although the interior receives the same in terms of styling design, the materials have been updated. Adjustments made to in car entertainment such as the infotainment system are also believed to be made. Both one and 1.2 litre engines are expected to be carried over from the current Picanto range but now the line up will also be joined by a turbocharged unit. Prices and performance rates remain a mystery for now but Kia have commented on the leaked images by stating that the car will be available around mid way through this year.


Seat lift the lid on the Leon ST Cupra

Given that the Leon is one of the biggest and most popular selling vehicles that Spanish brand Seat have to offer, it comes as no surprise that the brand are making more changes to the popular range. It is great news however as the firm have revealed the new motor in the manner of the Leon ST Cupra. The new addition has been transformed into an estate model but the even bigger news is that it is an estate that receives a good powerful setup resulting in 276 horse power being delivered via the fitting of a two litre turbocharged engine which is the same found in the current Leon model. Performance tweaks however allow the ST Cupra to leap from 0 to 62 mph in six seconds exactly which is a great setting time for an estate vehicle. Both manual and DSG transmissions are your options for the new vehicle both coming in six speed format. Equipment to come along with the vehicle as standard includes LED lighting,a touch screen in colour and nineteen inch alloys. There is however an optional performance pack upgrade made available for the ST Cupra which sees the car include the fitting of Brembo brakes which are one of the most recommended braking systems available and multi spoke alloy wheels which are available in two colours consisting of both Orange and Black. These are available for an optional added £2,025 on top of the list price which has yet to be confirmed by Seat.


Get a look at the new Range Rover Evoque convertible

One of the best Range Rover models on offer is what the Evoque as been referred too on many different occasions. It is a vehicle that stays true to the legacy that Land Rover has created with their Range Rover range and now the British based firm are looking to take the Evoque to the next level by offering it to customers in a convertible format. Recent sightings on public roads have shown the new model completely disguised but easy enough to make out that it is the Range Rover Evoque in question. The big giveaway is of course the fabric roof confirmed to be the drop top. The vehicle is clear to be the Evoque as it adapts much of the same similar shape and design structure that was revealed to the world three years ago now in concept form. A new diesel engine could be thought to take its place of pride in the new convertible and will come from the Jaguar Ingenium range that has been making a name for itself recently. Specification and performance rates are being kept very much under lock and key for the time being but a list price of somewhere in the £45,000 section could be expected. As soon as we know more about the convertible model we will keep you updated with all of the latest.


Land Rover to make one last impact with the Defender

Land Rover are set to discontinue the line of current Defender models very shortly but some big news this week reveals that the company are looking to do something very special before that time rolls around. Land Rover haven announced that later on this year, they are to offer three new special edition variants of the Defender designed to make an impact before it leaves. Three names have been announced along with their limited edition specifications which include Heritage, Autobiography and the new Adventure. Both station wagon look and hardtop designs have been announced by Land Rover to find their place on the new special edition models. Looks both in and outside of the vehicle have received some alterations for the cars last stand including a Green colour option contributed very nicely by the bright White roof. Aluminium is very much the theme inside of the cars with both the handles on the doors and the clocks being made from the material. Inside all models you can also expect to find leather highlights being fitted to the handbrake, gear stick and steering wheel. The bonnet, the roof racks and the grille have also received some adjustments which result in a Gloss Black design. If you are just as excited as we are for these new pieces of history from Land Rover then you will need to get your purchase in quickly as only six hundred units of the special edition models will be supplied to the United Kingdom and prices will kick off from £43,395 a piece.


Our first glimpse into the new Lexus RX for 2015

Brand new images have been posted online today showing the brand new addition of the RX for 2015 from Toyota's subsidiary brand Lexus. The new model will make history for the company by being offered in a hybrid only variant. The vehicle has been loaded to the masses with camouflage disguising on the occasion that it was spotted on the road and thanks to this, only one of the new added features could be really picked upon and that is of course the fittings of new LED headlights. Lexus will be looking to bring more features than ever before to the RX though as it hasn't been very popular in the UK nowhere near as much as in America. The new RX will go on sale sometime towards the back end of this year with a price tag remaining silent for the moment.


Bentley heavily considering the idea of a smaller crossover vehicle

Fiat,Toyota and Audi are just some manufacturers to name a few who have introduced crossover vehicles onto the market over the past number of years. Now luxury brand Bentley are looking to take that next step by heavily considering the idea of a new crossover vehicle themselves. The new crossover is thought to be that model that would soon follow on from the new SUV. The new Sports Utility Vehicle which has recently been given the green light of production by Bentley is still quite some time away from a launch which would mean that a crossover would be even further away. The head of research and development over at Bentley commented on the crossover by saying that the brand has been keeping a close eye on competition from the likes of Porsche with their Cayenne and Macan models which are receiving crossover treatment. Comments have also been made which would suggest that a Bentley crossover would use the same platform that the Cayenne and Macan crossover run on too. As soon as we learn more on this future plan from Bentley we will announce it.