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Vauxhall Closure - NCAP Ratings Released - Kia Soul EV


It is great to see the direction in which the car industry has traveled over the recent years, we have seen new smart technology, upgrades in technical features and new driving platforms standing out as just some of the highlights that bring excitement to us as the drivers of these wonderful machines. The biggest part of all vehicles though and one features that is definitely needed with the car is of course the uses of standard safety equipment. Each new vehicle that is released into the world must undergo the standard NCAP rating system which measures the overall safety technology found in a certain vehicle.


This week though some brand new models have gone under the Euro NCAP ratings and have seen some good results whereas some just have not matched up. The new Land Rover Discovery underwent the safety procedure and was awarded the full five stars. The new Volkswagen Passat was also awarded the same. Unfortunately though, the new Corsa and Mini hatchback models were only awarded four stars out of a possible five. One of the biggest shockers though was the three stars that were added to the Dacia brand who are also owned by Renault. Their Logan model would only achieve three stars and was under scrutiny from Euro NCAP as they commented on this and stated “The result reflects the brands aspirations when it comes to safety and driver assistance systems”.


Vauxhall's Lincoln dealership to close

One of the Vauxhall showrooms located in the Lincoln area of the United Kingdom is all set to close at the end of this month. It has been confirmed that from the 31st of December, the showroom will close its doors. It has been confirmed that up until this date, work will remain as normal including servicing and warranties also. The Charles Warner Group are the company who are partnered with Vauxhall for this dealership and even though the showroom is set to close, they will still keep their Mitsubishi and MG dealerships in the same area open.


Kia begin a new campaign for the Soul EV

Kia have turned heads earlier in the year by announcing the arrival of their brand new Soul EV model. Now though the company are looking to turn even more attention to the firm by introducing a brand new campaign in which the brand are hoping to bring in a lot of success for the Kia brand and their new Soul electric vehicle. The firm have made a brand new video which shows customers walking into a petrol station in London and only being charged £2.80 no matter how much they have filled up their vehicle with. Filming was made to show the reactions of the drivers when they were only charged £2.80. The whole campaign has been done to promote the 132 mile range that the Soul EV has on a full charge . The company are also running this campaign right the way though their social media accounts with the name being the '£2.80 TWITTERGRAM.'