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A brand new hybrid concept idea from Lamborghini

Luxury sports car firm Lamborghini are one of the biggest if not the biggest and most well known vehicle designers in the sports car world. They have dealt with competition from Ferrari and Bentley and other top class firms for many years now. They are well known for models such as the Countach and the Diablo amongst many more. What do you get though when a brand of this nature decide to take a step into the current range that is proving to be a success on the market right now, the hybrid sector?. Well the answer to that is simple and it comes to you in the shape and form of the Asterion concept hybrid. That's right, Lamborghini have a concept hybrid model. The car was put on display at the Paris motor show and if launched will certainly make history on the market for a vast range of reasons.


The buzz around the Lamborghini Asterion

As we said, if the car is indeed set to make it onto the production line, it will make history in the EV market as it has been confirmed to carry not one, not two but three electric motors. A 5.2 litre, V10 engine unit has also been confirmed to join them alongside. This engine unit is the same in which can be found in the firms Huracan model which overall with the motors and engine combined, we would see a total of 897 brake horse power delivered from the vehicle. This means that a whopping top speed of 199 miles per hour would be delivered upon and the leap from 0 to 62 miles per hour would be achieved in a very fast time of just three seconds flat.A Silver Lamborghini Asterion at Shortfall


As always with the Lamborghini brand, looks and designs are also another exciting feature to come along with the vehicle. We see the car was shown in an Electric Blue paint scheme with wrap around headlights and a sloping body structure which helps the car perform more dynamically and agile.


A three spoke steering wheel and various different driving modes are also confirmed for the Asterion. A seven speed dual clutch gearbox will also be thrown in for good measure.

A total range on electric power alone has also been confirmed for the car to come in at 31 miles before needing a recharge. Hybrids are one of the quickest rising car sectors globally right now with firms such as the Audi brand and German organisation Mercedes introducing hybrids of their own. In terms of competition though, if the Asterion is set to make it into production we cant see anything on the horizon that would deliver on as much power and excitement as the Asterion would.


What chance does the Asterion have of making it into production?

It is unknown at this moment in time as to whether or not the Asterion will go on sale as it is not quite ready for production just yet. The technologies used in the car though are currently existing which means there is a high possibility that it could go on sale in the future.  

A Black Lamborghini Asterion at Shortfall

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