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Alfa Romeo reveal a new one off Mito model

In some exciting news to break within the last hour from brand Alfa Romeo,we are pleased to report on the announcement of an all new one off Mito model which is all set for a grand launch. This new model will consist of a new engine range and some additional interior and exterior components. The model will be based on the Mito for this year and has also been worked on along side Marshall the popular music company.


The Mito is one of the finest selling Alfa models on offer right now along side the likes of the Giulietta and has in the past been a strong rival for the Audi A1 and the DS3 from French manufacturer Citroen. Can this one off addition to the range though prove to be tremendous success for the mass manufacturer?


What has been announced for the new Alfa Romeo Mito?

We will start of with a look into the engine range that has been included with this special edition model. We firstly the use of a 1.6, JDTm-2 engine which overall is set to put out 120 brake horse power. A six speed gearbox comes as standard but where the excitement kicks in here is from the involvement from Marshall who have included a microphone design gearstick. Some other neat features the two companies have worked on are seating upholstery that is used from the same mesh used on Marshall amps. Marshall logos are also embroided into the two front seats. All new white piping is also included with the centre console.


Some other neat features that will also come along as part of the package include climate control, an all new air conditioning dial, Marshall tread plates that come fitted to the door sills and floor mats also. As for the Alfa Romeo involvement, we see the additions of 18 inch alloy wheels, aluminium sports pedals, chrome exhausts, voice recognition, Bluetooth and Red brake callipers will come along with this vehicle too.


The official reveal of the Alfa Romeo Mito by Marshall

The car is set to be revealed to an invite only group of people in London this afternoon with a range of shows it will be visiting throughout the rest of the year. In regards to a possible launch or price tag that will come along with this car, this is uncertain at the moment but we will keep you updated as soon as we hear more on the matter.

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