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Alfa Romeo set to start Production of new sports car

Wednesday 13th February 2013 13:51:36

Alfa Romeo are at last ready to start production of it's all new sports car. Unfortunately anyone in the UK will have to wait until later in the year when the highly anticipated Alfa Romeo will be in our dealerships. The Italian sports car will be priced at just over £50,000 and the orders books are already filling up with members of the general public ready to snap up what will surly be a stunningly designed sports model. It is also hoped that the new addition with help will an upsurge of interest in the USA. At less than four meters long, two meters wide and just 1.18 meters tall it is just a tiny bit longer than the Lotus Elise and marginally wider than the Porsche Cayman.


In typical Alfa Romeo style the sports car will produce 237 bhp 


An Alfa Romeo spokes person is reported to have said " It's a halo car that will re-affirm Alfa Romeo as a sporting and innovative brand, re-cognisable to Giulietta/Mito prospects & owners as from the same line as their car, yet should be able to show a Porsche Cayman up. It’s a fantastic way forward for the brand and this car will suit specialist and passionate dealers." In recent years Alfa Romeo reduced the number of UK dealerships from 70 in 2007 to just 45 in 2008. That said the brand has been slowly rebuilding and re-consolidating.

Although Alfa Romeo has had a disappointing time in terns of new car sales year to date it is hoped that the new model will re-ignite the passion and raw driving experience that car enthusiasts aim for.

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