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Bentley SUV to join the UK in 2016

Bentley SUV to join the market in 2016


Bentley are set to release a brand new SUV concept at the Geneva Motor Show next week. The Bentley SUV model has previously made an appearance at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012 and this time round the model will be closer to production than ever.


Over the past twelve months a number of luxury manufacturers have decided to join the SUV market in the near future. Porsche, Jaguar and Aston Martin have all declared plans one way or another to join the SUV market in the future.


Porsche and owners Volkswagen, this year declared that the current Panamera and Cayenne models sell more units than that of the likes of the Boxster and the Carrera. The Porsche brand insist that they would like to make the subtle change into becoming a luxury mass market manufacturer rather than a premium sports car manufacturer.


Back in September 2013, Bentley rivals Jaguar achieved a considerable amount of news headlines following the unveiling of the Baby Jaguar model. The Jaguar Land Rover brand has been highlighted as being one of the marketing brands of the last number of years after recent motor show success which has resulted in the brand expanding into emerging markets.


Jaguar and Bentley rivals, Aston Martin, revealed how a number of marketing campaigns for new models have been unsuccessful. The firm also posted a £20 million + loss on sales for the year of 2012/2013. Aston Martin themselves highlighted the success at Jaguar and how in future they will be using similar techniques to allow them to expand the dealership network in emerging markets.


Bentley are set to release the new SUV model in 2016 and plan to coincide the release with an £800 million investment to the Crewe HQ. The investment is the biggest recorded by the Bentley manufacturer and will see over a 1,000 new jobs created as a result.

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