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BMW on the Up!

Monday 4th February 2013 13:03:29

BMW continue to grow over the next 12 months

Leading tax advisory firm KPMG, have released its 14th annual Global Automotive survey of in which includes the growth and shrinking of the individual manufacturers across the globe.  


The statistics released have surprised a few but most remains highly likely, for example, the two main German manufacturing groups BMW and Volkswagen are expected to continue to grow but not only grow but outsell the market by a significant figure. BMW have only recently announced a major recall of models and continue to be forecast for growth despite that.   A massive 81% of executives involved in the survey predicted the two German giants to make significant gains in the market.


70% believe that BMW will almost double its market share by 2015. On the other hand, the statistics table does estimate that Korean company Hyundai will slump for the third year in a row, but only 61% predict a gain for the company.   These predictions are not actual fact, they are just simply what the 200 global executives believe will happen to the market in the coming 12 months and beyond and base these estimations on the current conditions in the car market across the globe and especially the condition of the current European economy.   


The survey also highlights the global market share winners for the next 5 years


The survey also highlights the global market share winners for the next 5 years at least. Ford are believed to profit from gains in market share after only recently registering there best year for both sales and profits. The other main US firm General Motors will also increase the market share for the company and look to equal the same growth as Ford according to KPMG. Fiat, who have endured a diabolical year of sales in the past 12 month due to economic drought if you like, as the European car market continues to slump. KPMG predict a growth increase of 15% despite the struggles in 2012 as it is believed that the acquisition of Chrysler increased the companies shares and figures.

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