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Did you know that March can also be a good time to snap up a Used Car Bargain?

Tuesday 19th February 2013 16:44:09

March is an extremely busy time for used car sales as well as new ones


March is also a bumper time for used car sales! Most of us would think of March as being dominated by new car sales and it is true the proportion of new cars sold verses used cars is much higher. But that does not mean that it is not a bumper time for used car sales. After with the ever-increasing trend to buy new cars of forms of personal contract purchase where customers are encouraged to change their vehicles are much shorter intervals this means that during March thousands and thousands of low mileage, nearly new cars will hopefully be winging their way back into the market.


As the new car market has been down for the last few years and because customers are now keeping their cars slightly longer than normal the amount of "prime stock" will be limited. CAP Black Book recently conducted research which showed that main dealers are struggling at present to find good quality used car stock and are happy to pay a little more when they find it.


So what should you look for in a used car? Ideally you need to find a model that you are happy with. Not just today but think about how your circumstances may change over the next few years and if you vehicle will be able to adapt with you. Always check how much your car insurance will be as even a slight change in insurance groups can have a drastic effect on the amount that you are asked to pay. Also be cheeky after all it is your money and do not be rushed take you time. After all you will have this car for some time so be 100% sure it is the car for you before you buy. Never be frightened to walk away either.

While quality used cars will still be sold for a premium always try to negotiate and last but not least remember to  check your gap insurance options.

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