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Fancy a 1955 vehicle delivered to your door?

If you do then DS could have just the thing for you. The brand are looking to make a name for themselves all around the world but especially here in Europe with their first big move in making new limited edition models. DS parted ways last year with the Citroen brand after many successful years and many successful vehicles which include the DS3 and the DS5. However the brand still have some say on the current range of these models with it being there name on the back afterall. They have made their position very clear this week by revealing that they are to bring in a range of new limited edition '1955' models which will be made available in limited units but will carry some new updates both inside and outside of a host of vehicles. The manufacturer has chosen a range of vehicles to bring these updates to and with what has been announced, it is expected that the limited units produced of the '1955' models could sell out very quickly.


What DS models receive the new updates?

So when it comes to the models that have been chosen to host these brand new updates, it has been confirmed by DS that the DS3,DS3 Cabrio,DS4 and DS5 will all receive the new models basically meaning their entire line up. As for what these new changes consist of, a new Blue paint design matched with a Black roof is brought into play. A brand new set of alloy wheels and new DS graphics in a Gold colour design are also to be found around the vehicles. All new leather materials also come fitted to the interior cabin and 1955 stitching can also be found in the headrests and the floor mats. DS also confirmed that the engine range to come along with all models, consist of the original units to be found in the standard models.


Can these changes help the DS brand to become even bigger?

There is no doubt about it, for one of the companies first big moves as a stand alone vehicle brand, this is certainly a move that could prove to be very successful. With these new models being made available in limited numbers also, it could bring more attention to the brand. DS confirmed that all of the limited edition '1955' models will go on sale at the end of this month and just 1,995 of the DS3 and DS3 Cabrio models will be put on sale aswell as 955 units of the DS4 and and the same for the DS5 too.  

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