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Ferrari reveal the LA Ferrari FXX K, BMW offer the most expensive paint job and Volvo developing new engine technology.

One of the worlds most popular sports car manufacturers Ferrari have today revealed their brand new La Ferrari FXX K model which is about to become one of the most powerful sports cars that Ferrari have to offer. It has been confirmed by the mass manufacturer that this car will deliver a whopping 1,036 brake horse power output. With these kind of figures announced, it comes as no surprise that this car will only be offered on the track and not on public roads. The first La Ferrari model boasted an amazing 950bhp and was put on sale for a total cost of one million.


The FXX K will blow that out of the water though with a purchase price of around two million. All of this power is delivered via a 6.3 litre,V12 engine unit and Ferrari have confirmed that the car will only be made available to pre selected buyers and can only be used on special Ferrari track days. A top speed of 217 miles per hour has also gone on record. Nothing has been announced as to how many units of the vehicle will be produced but around the thirty area could be expected which was the same amount of the £2,000,000 Enzo FXX model.


Volvo producing a 444bhp four cylinder engine

Over the past number of months, Swedish car firm Volvo have been working hard on developing a brand new four cylinder engine which is to have a power deliverance of 444bhp. The companies latest project has been designed in order to keep upto date with competition from rival firms such as Mercedes Benz and Audi. Future vehicles from the company which will be placed under the Polestar name are expected to make use of these new engines with more to be announced closer to the time regarding which models will feature the new technology. It has been confirmed by Volvo that this new technology will be known as Drive-E and will feature dual turbocharged units which will then combine with an electric e booster in order to deliver on a vast improvement of power. Not a lot more is known at the moment regarding the new technology but as soon as more is revealed by Volvo we will keep you updated on the latest goings on within Volvo.


BMW now issuing its most expensive paint schemes ever

The car industry has been rapidly expanding over the past number of years with things such as technology and new power options becoming available across numerous manufactures. This week however, BMW have displayed their most expensive ever paint scheme for a range of their models on sale. The price of the new colour scheme which comes in 'Pure Metal Silver' has been confirmed to come along with a price tag of £6,400. BMW are to offer other expensive paint jobs for their range of models also which will include 'Frozen Black' and 'Frozen Bronze Metallic'. It is uncertain of the vast range that will be offered with these new colours specifically but if you're looking for an option that will very much stand out for you, then we believe that this vast range of new colours will certainly do the trick.  

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