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Grand Theft Auto Saves Lives?

Grand Theft Auto Saves Lives?


It might not be a headline you would ever expect to have seen, however, the article that follows illustrates how the video game played on by a young 11 year old boy saved his and his grandfathers life. The young boy was used to controlling such models as the Range Rover Sport and the BMW 3 Series at home on his games console but was never expecting to put his gaming skills into real life action.


The young 11 year old boy has said that Grand Theft Auto is to thank for saving his and his grandfather's life after he took control of his grandfather's car speeding at 70km an hour, before it hit a wall and then flipped into the air.


In a scene that doesn't seem out of place in the hugely popular Rockstar game, 11 year old Charlie Cullen had to act extremely quickly when his grandfather Finn, blacked out at the wheel, though his foot was stuck on the car's accelerator and so Charlie had to act extremely fast to take control of the wheel.


The incident took place in County Meath in Ireland and Charlie explained in a recent report that when the car had pulled into the ditch initially, he had believed that it was an April Fools joke, as it had happened on April 1st. Charlie explained that he brought the car back onto the road, he explained that he was trying to wake “Papa” the name he calls his grandfather, whilst having one hand on the steering wheel.


Charlie credited the Grand Theft Auto video game for his ability to keep control of the car, he explained that he didn't panic because he knew how to steer a bit because of the game.


What happened after that was an even more frightening experience for 11 year old Charlie and sounds like it could have been a scene straight from the video game. The car gained speed up to 70km and then slammed into the wall of Slane Castle before it flipped over through the air and then landed on the opposite side of the road.


Charlie than managed to pull himself out through a broken window, before he went around to rescue his grandfather. Charlie explained that he can remember the car flipping in the air and the lights on the castle wall, though he can't remember much else. He said that he had brought his grandfather up the road, his house was only around 50 yards away. Thankfully neither Charlie or his grandfather were injured seriously in the accident.

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