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Hyundai i10 trim update-Chevrolet Spark 2016-Skoda Fabia production increases

Hyundai have launched a new Premium SE trim level for their i10 range. The company announced the news that the range will now be fitted with a range of new interior and exterior design features that will help to keep the range fresh. The brand have said that orders for the new trim level can be made now from Hyundai dealers and we have the news of the new equipment that will come fitted to the vehicle. Some of these brand new feature include heated seating in the front end of the car,a new climate control system,rear parking sensors,a stop start button and the steering wheel is also heated too. The total cost for these trim level on the i10 including all of the features has been confirmed to come in at £11,995.


Has the 2016 Chevrolet Spark been spotted?

Recent images have been posted online of what is presumed to be the new Spark model from Chevrolet. The vehicle was seen parked up on the streets in Korea and some new features and designs were also made visible. It is expected that Chevrolet are going to announce and potentially reveal the new Spark this year with the model being badged a s 2016 vehicle. General Motors have recently developed a new one litre engine which is highly expected to be announced for the new Spark. It is said that the Spark will adapt some similar features of the Adam and Viva from Vauxhall. Both of these two models will be on display in new forms next month in Geneva but we still don't expect to see the new Spark quite this soon. There is always a surprise possibility though.


More production of the new Fabia range added

The Fabia is one of the biggest selling ranges for Skoda and this continued to be the case ever since the first edition was launched onto the streets of the UK in 1999.Over the time we have seen three different variations of the car become available on the road with the most recent seeing a launch just last year. The popularity for the range has proven to be nothing short of great and this is demonstrated by the demand for the new Fabia and Combi range which has now led the company to produce even more models than they originally intended to. Thanks to the demand, the companies factory in Boleslav has seen 800 new job openings to supply the demand. Now with the increase, rather than 400 models a day being produced, this has now risen to 1,200 models a day. This is a very good sign for Skoda and a move which could secure the future of the vehicle range.

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