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James Bond's new Aston Martin, Continuous new car registrations and the Mclaren Sports Series is spotted testing.

Today at a press event in London, the directors behind the new James Bond movie officially give out some brand new information on the movie which will be released in cinemas in the future. They announced that the new addition to the franchise is called Spectre but the even bigger news here is that they have confirmed what Bond's brand new motor in the movie will be and it comes to us in the form of the DB10 from Aston Martin.


The car was revealed for the first time today and although the model pretty much just looked like a concept car there are some features and design structure in there that we believe could very well carry over to some other Aston Martin models in the future. The company have also confirmed that the DB10 will make production in the future but will only be made available in a limited amount. The use of a popular Fiat 500 model is also rumoured to be included in the movie during a chase scene but power wise it doesn't really outshine the DB10.


Car sales for November continue to rise

The UK's car industry has celebrated some great success over the past number of years with the sales of new cars continually growing on a month by month basis. New statistics have been revealed today by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders which show that new car registrations have now continually grown for the thirty third straight month which is great news and at this rate if sales continue to go in the way they have been, then this year could be the best year for new car registrations since 2004. A nine percent increase on this time last year has been confirmed by the company with 2,310,237 new cars being registered from January to November.


The McLaren Sports Series is sighted for the first time

A number of weeks ago, McLaren revealed that they are currently producing a brand new sports car which is being marketed under the name of the 'Sports Series'. For the first time every today, the vehicle has been sighted on public roads for the first time undergoing some initial testing. The Sports Series is expected to be a big player in the sports car market challenging competitors such as the Audi R8 and Ferrari California thanks to the addition of twin turbocharged engines. The car was originally known under the code name of the P13 before the Sports Series name was confirmed and in the future around 2017, it is believed that the company will begin production on a P15 model which could be an even more powerful version of the Sports Series. More is to be announced closer to the time on this though. We are very excited to see the kind of reception that the Sports Series receives when it is launched.

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