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Kia recall some Sport and Soul models

Some news today coming straight from the South Korean car firm Kia. Unfortunately it's not good news were afraid. The latest in Kia news is that some Sport and Soul models have officially been recalled from around the world due to faults with seatbelt retention. Overall a total of around 7,000 vehicles are being recalled for the problem. 5,787 of these vehicles are Sportage models and 1,432 models are the Soul.


This may come as a slight blow to Kia as the Sportage and the Soul are two popular vehicles from the brands line up. It is uncertain what the problem is but it has been stated that it can result in seat belt retention. A faulty piston in the mechanism is a part of the problem but it is not certain what it all comes down to.


Recalls affecting the car industry as a whole?


Over the course of the past few months a lot of car manufacturers have been issuing recalls around the world. Many for different reasons such as Nissan and Honda for faulty air bags and the same for BMW with older 3 series models. Toyota have also had problems with this too along side Ford. All of these recalls have occurred over the course of the last six months.


Vehicle years for the Sportage and Soul models that will be affected are Sportage models produced from October 2011 to November 2012 from the Slovakia factory. Soul vehicles built in the Korea factory from August 2011 to March 2012 will also be called in.


If any of your Kia models fall under these conditions Kia have stated that you will be notified via post and asked to take your vehicle to your nearest Kia dealership in which the problem will be fixed for you free of charge and will take roughly one hour to two hours.


Moving forward for Kia


Compared to some previous recalls in the past this one does not seem to be on too much of a large scale. It still is a recall after all. With that being said and the Sportage models and Soul being effected, does this mean more recalls sooner than we think for Kia or is this just a minor set back in the companies development?

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