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Mercedes in Formula 1 2014

Mercedes F1 2014


The Mercedes team have had it all their way so far this season having recorded three race wins out of three. Nico Rosberg winning the first whilst Lewis Hamilton has now won his second in a row. However, how has a struggling team last season turned into the dominant force in the sport.


Last year, the Red Bull team ran out on top winning both the constructors and the drivers championship with ease as 4 time world champion Sebastian Vettel strolled home to victory. This year it seems that all has changed and the Red Bull team have struggled more than most whilst Mercedes have turned points into podiums.


The Mercedes brand outside of Formula 1 have become the experts in both designing and developing a V6 engine under the AMG performance umbrella. Now that Formula 1 have turned to the V6 engine it seems that Mercedes have more of an advantage than the rest.


The team have developed a completely new engine that uses a number of techniques including the turbocharge amongst others. However, whilst the Mercedes team plan to dominate the season, next year the other teams can change engines and use the Mercedes engine structure and design as a base for the next season.


As of next year McLaren will lose the advantage of the Mercedes partnership when it joins forces with the Honda brand. Honda will make its first return to the Formula 1 stage since the B.A.R Honda team went into liquidation a number of years ago. Ironically, the former Honda team is now the Mercedes team in Formula 1.


In the past race in Bahrain Mercedes were racing themselves as drivers and team mates Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton went toe to toe around a couple of the tracks most difficult corners. The Mercedes team expect to hold attempts from the likes of Ferrari and the Renault engined Red Bull models up until the mid season break at least.

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