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New Budget Brand?

Budget brand to rival Dacia?


Since the demise of the European car market, budget brand Dacia have gone from strength to strength as people who face financial uncertainty take the safe route and purchase a cheaper model.


The Dacia brand have built their reputation on being as basic as a vehicle needs to be as well as being a set level of quality for a good price. The firm have actually outsold the parent firm Renault in the German car market and after just 12 months in the UK car market posted sales figures over 10,000 models.


Fiat who have been one of the struggling manufacturers since demand in the European car market disappeared have highlighted the budget brand as a possible route to future success. However, the firm are yet to have developed their own budget brand to rival the likes of Dacia.


On the other hand, Nissan who have had one of the best sales terms in the firms long period have also highlighted the budget brand as a route to further develop market share. It was rumoured that the Nissan brand planned to develop the old sunny name to become the budget brand of theirs in the future.


Volkswagen insist that they have long been looking at the logistics of the budget brand and have failed on numerous occasions to find the perfect balance between production costs and standards of the vehicle.


However, rumours have been circling that the Volkswagen group are submitting plans of a new budget brand and plan on developing the brand and range of models before 2016. The Volkswagen group are currently one of the world largest automotive groups in the car market and plan on further developing the range of models and brands.


This year the Volkswagen group are chasing the aim of becoming the worlds best selling brand in the world and eclipsing the sales achieved by Toyota. The firm also plan on rivalling the success achieved by Dacia in the near future.

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