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New Drug Driving Limit

Government to introduce drug driving limit


The government plans to introduce a drug drive limit are edging forward, as there have been 16 different drugs approved. There are eight illicit and eight prescription drugs that have been added to the regulations that will be introduced this year in autumn, which means it will be an offence to be over the limits prescribed.


Police will be clamping down on motorists who drive after they have taken drugs such as cannabis, of which the limit is 2 micrograms per litre, cocaine which is a 10 microgram per litre limit and ecstasy which is a 10 microgram per litre limit also, whilst people who take prescription drugs such as morphine have a limit of 80 micrograms per litre and 550 micrograms per litre with diazepam. So motorists who take prescription medication should be careful that they don't break the limit.


Robert Goodwill, the Road Safety minister explained that the results of this consultation is sending the strongest message possible that you are not able to take illegal drugs and then drive your car. The new offence will make the roads safer for everybody by making the police's job easier when tackling motorists who drive their vehicles after they have taken illegal drugs. It will also clarify the appropriate limits for drivers who take medication.


If the suggested limits are approved by Parliament, it could mean that drivers who have taken drugs could be subjected to tests at the roadside and penalties that are similar to those that drink drivers have.


The government made the decision that the proposed 600 mg limit for amphetamines needed to be reconsidered so that patients who have to take medicine for ADHD aren't affected by the limits.

Though there is a zero tolerance approach being taken to drugs, the drug limit is not being set at zero due to the drugs that need to be taken for medical conditions can absorb into the body and produce trace effects.

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