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New Kia Hybrid Technology

New Kia Hybrid Technology


The Korean firm, Kia, revealed the technology last week at the Geneva Motor Show and it was also announced that the technology will become the central pillar in the firms future model strategy.


Kia revealed that the new European designed technology uses a 48 volt lead carbon battery which will have the power to supply a small electric motor. This small electric motor will therefore allow that car to be driven at low and constant speeds in just Electric mode.


Kia have been one of the slowest manufacturers to respond to the success of the electric car market and have instead been focusing attention elsewhere. However, the Kia brand has become one of the most in demand brands today. The firm along with Hyundai announced that they were struggling to meet with demand during what was for many the worst year of sales in a long time.


The Nissan Leaf has dominated the electric car market over the last number of years and has in fact helped to double the number of sales in such markets as the UK. It has been revealed that only last month, Hybrid sales in the UK increased by a massive 40% with similar growths echoed across certain countries in Europe.


Other manufacturers have been forced to respond to the success of the Nissan and the electric car market as the likes of BMW enter the market for the first time.


Kia have announced that the new Hybrid technology will use a belt-driven starter generator which will eliminate noise and vibration within the model. The new model will also reduce emissions by at least 25 per cent whilst increasing power by as much as 15 per cent.


Kia also expect to increase the improvement of 0-62 times by as much as five per cent. Along with the new Hybrid technology the Sportage manufacturer will use a gearbox designed for two dry clutches which allows the driver to jump to the required gear.

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