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New Mazda 2

New Mazda 2


The Mazda 2 model is one of the most successful models in the Mazda range at this current moment in time and it is believed that the Japanese mass market manufacturer are currently developing the next generation of the model.


The model has not yet been revealed or even announced as of yet, but the Hazumi concept has done. Mazda revealed the Hazumi concept just two weeks ago and may be a visual clue to how the next generation of Mazda models may look.


The Hazumi concept model seemed to have taken on the look of the Mazda 3 model and was a similar size and shape to that of the Ford Fiesta. It is very much believed that the Mazda 2 model will be very similar to the latest Hazumi concept.


Just yesterday, the Japanese mass market manufacturer announced that they had developed new engine technology that would help standard petrol engined models go up against the likes of an electrically powered model.


In fact the Mazda brand insisted that figures achieved by the standard engined Mazda models would eclipse the electric car market completely. The firm believe that they could have the technology in place and across the whole range of models by 2020 and have stated that in the mean time they will not be developing a hybrid or electrically powered model.


The firm expect to blow competition from the electric car market out of the water when the engine technology has been put in place. The news would be a big blow to major investors in the electric car market as it means that essentially there would be no need for an electric car to exist if the fuel economy and emissions eclipsed that of the electric car.


Most recently we have seen some of the worlds largest manufacturers invest heavily in the electric car market as the likes of BMW, Mercedes and Audi all look to take a major slice of the market following the success of the Nissan Leaf.

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