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Renault plan to release Qashqai Rival

Tuesday 12th February 2013 13:48:15

Renault plan to release Qashqai Rival

As the crossover market begins to build up and congest, the Nissan Qashqai begins to suffer in terms of sales and yet Renault plan to capitalise on the downfall. Nissan endured a year of success with the release of the Juke and Qashqai in the last 12 months as sales soared for the new looking models.   The success of the Renault's budget brand, Dacia will allow the company to invest heavily in other projects such as this one.


The Dacia sub brand has thrived in a difficult economy which has seen the most reputable brands fail in the car market. The mainland Europe has suffered in terms of the growth and state of the economy which has led to a benefit for the Romanian born Dacia brand. The success has led to major rethinks in the biggest of brands such as Volkswagen, as they look to introduce a new budget model.  


The new crossover rival to the Qashqai will be based on the current version of the Renault Scenic and will sit above the current crossover Renault Captur, which was initially built for the competition that is, the Nissan Juke. The Dacia Duster is a Qashqai sized C segment crossover based in emerging markets outside Europe has been a huge success and may be entering the UK and the wider European Car Market.  


Renault have not yet released an actual plan for the vehicle


Renault have not yet released an actual plan for the vehicle, but yet the pictures that have been spied suggest that the model will be a crossover model and will be based on the Scenic rather than the new Renault Scenic itself. The wheel size and the ride height is what believe is a give-away, in terms of the style of the car and where it will sit in the range.   Renault is already working on the replacement model for the Espace and is due to go on sale in all major markets by 2015. However, the full size MPV that once thrived in the UK has seen a dip in the sales figures and dramatically.

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