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Seat announce an all new performance pack upgrade for the Leon Cupra

In some of the latest car industry news today to come out of the Seat company, we are pleased to report on the news regarding an all new performance pack upgrade for the Leon Cupra model which was officially revealed earlier this week and will go on sale from next month. The Leon Cupra is one of the main stand out vehicles on offer from the mass manufacturer and over the years has become just as successful as the Ibiza was for the company.


This all new performance pack upgrade though brings a some new updates to the engine and power side of things and we will also see the additions of some pieces of equipment that will come along with the new variant of the car also. With new speeds and performance rates coming into play with this new upgrade next month, it is expected that this model will prove to be an ideal rival for the likes of Renault with the new Sport Megane trophy model.


What changes and updates have been made to the Seat Leon Cupra performance update


So firstly regarding the updates that will come along with this performance pack, we take a look at the engine used and some of it's performance attributes. We see the addition of a 2.0 litre, four cylinder, turbo engine that will help the car reach an overall top speed of 155 miles per hour which is helped reach this limit by a 5.8 second 0 to 62mph sprint time. The engine will be more powerful than ever also as we see 276 units of brake horse power produced from the new performance pack. A six speed, manual transmission also comes thrown into this front wheel drive model as standard.


Now as for the additional pieces of equipment and technology you can expect to receive with this brand new upgrade, the pack comes complete with semi slick tyres, 19 inch wheels, sports style seating, adjustable dampers and a brand new set of Brembo brakes.

With these new features coming into play and how well this car is all set to perform with the upgrade, we see this model going head to head with the likes of the Golf R from Volkswagen and the Corsa SRI from Vauxhall.


What will the new performance pack upgrade go on sale for?

We are pleased to let you know that this brand new Seat Leon Cupra performance pack will go on sale from next month and we are pleased to bring you the good news that the Leon Cupra model with the performance pack will go on sale for a total cost of £26,945.

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