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Suzuki extends 20 percent discount purchases until September

Japanese car and motorbike manufacturer Suzuki have officially extended their twenty percent discount campaign until September of this year which includes a range of models and comes VAT free. Not all Suzuki vehicles are benefited by this campaign as it is just for small vehicles. The Suzuki brand have been one of the leaders on the motorbike market for many years now and we have seen them dominate with the GSXR line up.


We don't personally think that they have the following in the car industry that they have on the bike market but this 20 percent campaign is certainly help them build a bigger following that is for sure. Since the campaign begun, Suzuki have sold 2,606 more vehicle units compared to that of last year just this year alone, with GB registrations rising to 15.22 percent on a year to year basis.


Which cars are affected by the Suzuki 20 percent discount campaign?

As we stated, its only some smaller range vehicles that are benefiting from the campaign but some of these models have indeed proven to be key sellers for the company. We see these models include the Alto,Splash,SX4 and one of the companies main stand out cars..the Swift. One of the biggest discounts to come into effect here falls on the Alto SZ model which under this campaign can be bought brand new for a total cost of £5,999.


Speaking of the Alto,the low rate PCP agreement from Suzuki is also still going strong with a down payment of £919 which then can be followed up with a payment of £125 followed by 41 monthly instalments of just £99.00 each month. It has also been confirmed by Suzuki that you can own the car after this time for a one of balloon payment of £2,147.


Suzuki's 20 percent discount keeping up competition with manufacturers?

So with the twenty percent campaign still up and running can this be the ideal time to give the manufacturer some tough competition from the likes of Ford and French company Renault amongst many more manufacturers? Sales figures at the end of September will certainly give an insight. 

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