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The Government to boost Hybrid and Electric vehicle sales?

Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister last week launched a £500,000,000 scheme to try and boost the ownership of hybrid and electric vehicles in the United Kingdom.This particular funding will provide extra perks in order to encourage more motorists to trade in their conventionally powered and old vehicles for a hybrid of electric vehicle.

Councils throughout Britain will be able to apply for funding if they come up with ideas and plans to try and encourage motorists to get rid of their petrol and diesel motors, by offering free parking for electric vehicles for example, or giving them the right to use bus lanes.


Why has this scheme been launched?


Nick Clegg has explained that this scheme will give motorists the confidence to choose an electric vehicle, as a lot of people appear to be worried about the range anxiety. This is due to electric vehicles being limited to rather small distances between each charge and at the moment with only a small number of public places made available to be able to charge them throughout Britain, naturally many motorists are concerned that they would be left stranded if their vehicle ran out of power.


Clegg explained in a recent statement that the major investment is there to make driving an electric vehicle more convenient, affordable and anxiety free about the battery. Though it is also important to create a change in culture in Britain's cities and towns so that driving a greener vehicle is more appealing for most drivers.

How does the future look for Electric vehicles and Hybrids?

This initiative will also extend the Plug in Car Grant, that is government funded until 2017, which allows buyers of vehicles such as the Nissan LEAF and BMW i3 to save up to £5,000 off their vehicle cost.


Tim Abbott, the Managing Director of BMW UK supported this announcement. He explained that the United Kingdom's commitment to supporting transitions to lower emission vehicles comes at an extremely crucial phase in developing the electric car market.

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