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The new Mercedes Vision Golf Car Concept

Friday 2nd August 2013 11:09:49

Mercedes Vision Golf Car concept ultimate buggy has been unveiled

Mercedes recently revealed the company's take on the ultimate golf buggy, with the Vision Golf Car Concept. The buggy was shown recently at The Open at Muirfield in East Lothian. The buggy has an electric motor that runs off lithium ion batteries that can be charged by either a wall socket, or solar panels on the roof.


There is enough storage on the Mercedes Vision Golf Car for two sets of golf clubs


There is enough storage on the buggy for two sets of golf clubs and either occupant can take control of the mini vehicle, as the Vision Golf car uses a console-mounted centre joystick, not a steering wheel. Drivers are also able to connect their iPod to the docking station provided with the buggy, Bluetooth and a USB socket are also included with the Vision Golf car.


Luxuries with the buggy include a system that is able to communicate with other golf buggies that are on the golf course and the clubhouse also, as well as air conditioning and a head up display. Drivers of the buggy can also access a map of the golf course, check their scorecard and even see an up to date weather report, to decide whether maybe they should go inside.

There is even a fore button on the Mercedes Vision Golf Car which can warn other drivers if they have gone onto a slightly wayward path than was expected.

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