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The Skoda Yeti Greenline tech at it's finest?

In a look today at one of the more recent vehicle releases for the well established car company Skoda, we have our attention aimed at the recent Skoda Yeti Green line model which is on sale right now world wide. Over the years, we have seen some additions to technology and performance vehicles that have made an impact. Skoda have had some of these models which include the likes of the Fabia and the Octavia.


We believe that this all new addition of the Yeti Greenline though may very well be in a class of it's own. The model which was launched a number of months ago has received some good reviews from owners around the world but, what is it about this all new Yeti model that grabs attention?


The key features and selling points of the Skoda Yeti

So what has gone into this all new Yeti model during production time to make it stand out as something special in the car world and, why should you choose this particular model over anything else currently available on the new and used car market from rival brands such as Vauxhall, Ford and Citroen? Well firstly with a look into the engine and it's overall performance rates we see the welcomed addition's of a 1.6 litre, four cylinder, turbo diesel engine that overall has a power output of 104 bhp with top speeds reached all round of 109 miles per hour. With that in mind, we see the Yeti Green line make the jump from a standstill to speeds of 62 miles per hour in a time of 12.1 seconds. The Yeti is only available as a front wheel drive model but does also come fully fitted with a five speed,manual transmission system.


Some other key selling points of this car in our opinion come your way in the manner of 16 inch alloy wheels,rear parking sensors and an all new cruise control system also comes thrown in as part of the package too.


How much does the Skoda Yeti Green line cost?

We are pleased to inform you that this latest Skoda model is available for purchase right now from your closest Skoda dealership and, you can expect to make the investment into this brand new Yeti Green line for an overall cost of £19,605.