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The Vauxhall Adam Rocks Air to arrive this month

In some of the latest upcoming vehicle release news today, we are pleased to report on the news coming out of the British car firm Vauxhall who are all set to later this month launch the brand new Adam Rocks Air model onto European markets. The vehicle was first revealed to the general public earlier on this year at the Geneva motor show in March and has gone on sale for a total cost of £14,695.


The first set of delivers for the car will occur later on this month when the vehicle will be available to drive away from selected Vauxhall dealerships around the country. Some alterations have been made to the car compared to previous additions of the Adam to the Vauxhall family. Production of the very first Adam was begun in 2012 which we then later seen the car go on sale in the United Kingdom from last year.


What will the Vauxhall Adam Rocks Air offer you?


First of all the Adam is a good all round city car which benefits from a good amount of interior space and is fun for the whole family whether you are travelling out into the city or going for a long drive in the countryside. For a smaller car the power of the new Adam Rocks Air will also be pretty good as the company behind the idea have confirmed that we will see the choice of one of three engine ranges to go on sale with the car. The engine range to come along with the vehicle will consist of a 1.0 litre,three cylinder,Ecotec engine which will deliver on 113 units of brake horse power. A top speed of 121 miles per hour will also be reached from this variation. Both a 1.2 litre and a 1.4 litre unit will also be offered.


The 1.2 litre range will see a power output of 69 brake horse power whereas the 1.4 comes with 86 bhp. Both the 1.2 litre and the 1.4 unit pack some fairly good performance rates as the 1.2 litre can hit a top speed of 103mph whereas the 1.4 hits 109 miles per hour and can achieve the 62 miles per hour sprint in a steady time of 12.5 seconds. The options of both a five speed or six speed manual transmission system will also be offered with all engine ranges.


Some other neat changes that can be found in this variation of the car include either 17 or 18 inch alloy wheels an all new interlink system which connects to both ios and android phone systems and a seven inch touchscreen also comes along as an optional extra with the interlink system. The interlink system will cost you an extra £275 on top of the purchase price. Since the very first Adam model was launched we have seen it prove to be a good contender squaring up to the world famous 500 from Fiat and the big selling Mini Cooper amongst other smaller vehicles on the market. This brand new addition of the Adam Rocks Air will certainly maintain the same level of competitiveness with these brands both in terms of a good all round vehicle and now with the technological advancements also.


What are the different price ranges for the Vauxhall Adam Rocks Air?


It has been confirmed that prices for the entry level version of the car will come in at £14,695 with the 1.2 litre engine range costing £15,015. Last but not least, the Ecotec 1.0 litre engine model will go on sale for a cost of £16,695. The vehicle is all set to arrive here on European markets from later this month.  

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