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The Vauxhall Viva all set to return next year

It is one of the most recognised city cars on the market and it comes to us courtesy of the Vauxhall brand, the vehicle we are focusing on today is a car that will officially return to our roads from next year and has been spotted undergoing testing for the first time, the car of course comes your way in the shape and form of the brand new Viva model.


The Vauxhall Viva was first produced in 1963 and was developed right up until 1979 which was when production was ended. We are now thirty five years down the line with its return next year marking thirty six years since we saw the Viva on our roads. The new Viva has been based on the Chevrolet Spark which will also be called the Vauxhall Karl here on European markets. Vauxhall have also confirmed that the new Viva will officially replace the Agila which has been developed since the year 2000.


What can we expect to find in the new Vauxhall Viva next year?

It has firstly been confirmed that the new Viva will only be offered as a five door hatchback from launch. The vehicle does however share some of those great features that we are all accustomed to from Vauxhall such as angular headlights and the well known front grille that we all know and love from Vauxhall. The rear end of the car also shares a lot of similar features from the popular Corsa model.


The firm are set to make an impact on the market with the addition of their new Adam city car also so it comes as no surprise that the company are hoping to make the returning Viva just as big a success as the Adam. Low running costs are definitely one of the areas that have been focused on with the new Viva.


With that in mind, it has been confirmed that the car will benefit from the fitting of a 1.0 litre, three cylinder turbo engine. This same engine can also be found in the new Adam model too. The vehicle has been spotted undergoing its first set of tests but other parts and features are under lock and key at the moment as the vehicle was under some heavy disguise when it was tested.


City cars are a very popular division in the automotive industry in this day and age and we have seen competitors such as the Fiesta from American company Ford and the Renault Clio make a name for themselves over the years. Will the returning Viva make its claim on the top of the city car market when it is launched next year though?


When will the Vauxhall Viva debut?

Although this has yet to be confirmed by the British firm, it is believed that our first official glimpse of the car will take place from the Geneva motor show next year which takes place in March. A release is expected shortly after. A price tag to come along side the car is also expected to come in at between the £7,000 and £12,000 area.  

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